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Not so obvious advice for getting acquainted on the internet

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Finding a partner on the Internet is long not something unusual. Thousands of people find their love on various platforms. In that way, it is evident why dating services became so popular. More and more people use them but not all of them know how to increase their chances.

Some Tips to Follow

  1. Think sensibly about professional photography. People who dream of starting a family would like to profitably present themselves to potential partners. It is possible to do so on Ladadate — Ukrainian brides popular service. Many people sign up for a professional photo shoot for a beautiful profile on a dating site. The advantage of this step is obvious — the attractive page and concealment of shortcomings.
  2. Write to the person you like. In the real world, it is accepted that a man takes the first step. On the Net, a woman can safely write to a user she likes. The worst outcome is that he will not answer or will find himself with oddities. In the first case, one should not be disappointed and add fuel to the fire of their complexes. In the second situation — just stop communicating. Add too strange ones to the blacklist.
  3. Learn to find out dubious candidates You do not need to be a certified psychologist to recognize a dubious candidate at first glance. Just look carefully at the page. Among the tens of thousands of profiles, there will certainly be a fraudster or pathological liar. Our task is to save you from trouble. So, if you find one or more of the following points, then refrain from communicating with such a person. 
  • Beyond the pale. Exaggeration of one’s achievements is a sign of insincerity. Geniuses, millionaires, philanthropists are found only in the movies. Successful people rarely write praises about themselves.
  • Grammatical errors. Naturally, we are calm about a couple of missed commas. However, elementary rules should be followed. Errors in obvious things indicate a lack of intelligence. The exception is perhaps foreigners. 
  • Marital status. As a rule, married men who are looking for girls to communicate in an informal setting hide their official status. In the column “Marital Status” they indicate “Single”, “Actively Searching”. If this is important to you, then better specify the degree of freedom in personal correspondence.
  • Unflattering photos. We have already discussed the topic of professional photography. Now let’s touch ordinary photos. Avoid people hiding their appearance behind avatars and fuzzy frames. The profile cover should provide an opportunity to recognize a person offline. Sunglasses, bad angles, masks, photo editor filters — an occasion to doubt the reliability of the candidate.

The specific manner of communication should alert you: attempts to find out personal information; requests to transfer money; interest in extreme sex; requirements to send intimate photos; unjustified insults; jealousy in the early days of communication; persistent complaints and/or boasting; rudeness; desire to see him/her at home immediately.

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