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Office relocation: Things to consider when moving an IT set-up

Whatever the reason for office relocation is, one must think of their IT set-up before moving out.

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Relocating an office to a new and bigger space is always exciting but full of hassles also. Earlier, office relocation was not an issue as everything was packed and moved with the help of movers.

It was all about moving the office desks, files, and furniture. These days, moving the office stuff is a bit complicated because of its IT infrastructure.

So, the leading local moving companies stress focusing on the connections, installations of equipment, and peripherals of the IT department of the office while moving out.

Whatever your reason for office moving is, make sure that you are relocating perfectly without causing inconvenience to the customer and causing impacts to the technology.

Therefore, it’s crucial to consider these pointers in mind before moving your business’s IT setup:

Start with proper planning before moving IT setup

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Any moving-out process that is done without planning can turn out to be a challenging one. Thus, there’s a need to plan the moving steps to avoid any chaotic situation at the last moment.

A well-conceived and comprehensive plan for relocating the data room’s equipment helps complete the move within your budget and on time.

Along with this, there will be the least disruption to your business functioning.

To move the office items and IT setup, you must designate a head for the entire process. They can monitor the relocation process and plan a specific schedule.

Before starting the process, you need to create a timeline, so everything gets completed within it.

Talk to your business’s IT provider first

Moving the entire IT department and its setup is a bit challenging whether you’re a small, medium-sized or large business.

Therefore, one needs to follow in-depth planning and synchronization with the IT provider, IT team, and your business’s internet provider.

Talking to them will help them know many crucial things that can make the relocation easier. With their help, you can know- what would be the connection and power sources. What are the server room requirements? 

IT providers and your IT team will help move all the equipment and tools safely without disturbing their connection.

So, ensure you’re seeking their assistance to safely relocate the office’s IT infrastructure.

Get the right assistance from experts for moving

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The necessity of hiring professional movers to relocate the office’s IT setup cannot be ignored.

Along with boxes of files and furniture, there will be computer systems, server room equipment, utilities, and many more. All this stuff needs to be relocated safely without any damage. 

The moving companies will have the equipment and resources suitable for packing and moving the utilities. While hiring professionals, one should look at the experience and license of the movers.

Downsizing of office’s not-so crucial items

You can also downsize the office space by estimating your current requirements for equipment. This is crucial, especially when space-related issues exist in the new location.

In the downsizing process, seek the help of your IT team that can guide you in this. If any of your computer systems, peripheral, or phone is not in good condition, then it would be better to leave them.

Do an inspection and analyze your new location

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The office relocation gets easier when you already know the floor plan of the office’s new location.

Knowing every space detail of the new location ahead of the relocation day will help you analyze things clearly, and movers estimate costs.

Along with this, get an idea of the server or data room of the new office so that the organization can be done accordingly. 

Visit the new place before the moving day to learn more about the available space, power sources, lighting fixtures, and other attributes of the new office.

Don’t forget to take your IT team experts with you so that they can also analyze the space efficiently. 

To sum up

Most businesses relocate to expand themselves and work efficiently. Whatever the reason for office relocation, one must consider their IT set-up before moving out.

A hassle-free office moving plan should include talks with the IT provider, proper planning, and careful consideration for equipment during the relocation. 

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