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On-the-go gadgets for 2018

When looking at gadgets for those on the go, there are plenty of options to choose from and many examples we could talk about.

gadgets on a table including a phone watch computer
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These days, it seems that everything is portable, fitting in with our active, often hectic lives. We run to the store. We rush to work. We just don’t seem to slow down, do we? So, in this article, we’re going to look at some of the go-to gadgets used by those in a hurry.

Apple Watch

Topping the list when it comes to coolness, the Apple Watch is the gadget of choice for those on the go. Now in Series 3, this stylish little device allows you to answer calls, send texts, speak to Siri, stream songs and more. And, of course, you can track your runs – while listening to music. What can’t the Apple Watch do?


Hot on the heels of Apple is Fitbit with its range of wearable activity trackers. These specialize in tracking the number of steps you’ve taken in order to see how far you’ve gone. But the technical wizardry doesn’t stop there. This company’s devices can also ascertain the number of steps you’ve climbed and the quality of your sleep.

VIP E-Cigarettes

Time for a break. And if you’re trying to kick the habit, it might be worth looking at e-cigarettes. But don’t just settle for any old smokes. A good vaping experience is more certain when you reach for something like a VIP Electronic Cigarette, filled with an e-liquid that comes from a source you can trust.


This is a gadget that not everyone thinks is a good idea, but the Hushme wearable is set for release in 2018. And just what is it? A wearable that sits over your face and allows you to have a private conversation in public. Using technology similar to that found in high-end headphones, this device will muffle your voice. And what it can’t eliminate through muffling it will drown out through sounds played through built-in speakers.

Google Glass

Originally something of a flop, it looks like Google Glass might be coming back. This will allow users to take photos, surf the internet and experience augmented reality – all on the go. Will it be a success this time round? Only time will tell.

When looking at gadgets for those on the go, there are plenty of options to choose from and many examples we could talk about. What this means is that 2018 should be a good year for active tech lovers.

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