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Online casino bonuses that can be profitable

We will talk about the most popular and best casino bonuses, which we also think are the most profitable.


Casino bonuses can be a tempting prospect for both new and veteran players. There are hundreds of different bonuses across all platforms – each with varying mechanics and conditions. Choosing the right casino is tough. Picking the house with the right bonuses is even harder.

The good news is, there are some key points that determine the viability of every bonus. To decide which one is best, you must understand the factors involved. Most of us tend to focus more on the raw amount of cash offered. By doing that, we lose track of the real numbers that define profitability.

We will talk about the most popular and best casino bonuses, which we also think are the most profitable. While they don’t guarantee winnings, you could exploit them by knowing how they work.

Understanding the Mechanics

Every casino bonus carries specific terms and conditions or wagering requirements (WR). They are a set of rules we have to meet before withdrawing that extra cash. What we have to do varies depending on the house, but one thing for sure is that it involves a deposit. On top of that, you would need to bet up to a predetermined amount.

The amount which you have to bet, or spend, ranges from 15 to 50 times your bonus and deposit. Some casinos multiply this number by only your bonus, but it also means you get a smaller bonus.

House Edge

Every game you play at the casino has a house edge (HE). It is the measure of the advantage they have over you on every bet. In other words, it’s the percentage of your bets the house will win over time. This number ranges from 0.5% to as high as 6%, depending on the game. Some slots and Keno can have up to 25% HE.

It sounds insignificant, but, in reality, 6% is massive. Take Blackjack, for example. On average, table games like these have a 0.5% HE. This means that you should expect to lose 0.5% of your money every single hand. Of course, it doesn’t always happen that way. You are subject to win somewhere along the line. Knowing how these numbers work will help us place the best possible bet.

Profitable Casino Bonuses

Considering hefty restrictions on casino bonuses, most players are skeptical of their viability. Betting $2000 to collect $100 seems implausible to some. Though the concept is correct, their perspective may be a bit off. You have to think long term if you want to make a profit out of these bonuses. Here are a few that give you an inherent advantage if used the right way.


Often referred to as “free spin,” these offers allow you to play your first few games for free. The winnings will go into your account without the need for a deposit. You can play as much as your bankroll persists, and never have to drop in a dime.

The number of spins depends on the host, but they average from 10 to 50. Some casinos will give them in the form of credits, instead. In this case, it’s real cash and can multiply.

Here’s the thing, though: you cannot withdraw your winnings until you’ve made a deposit. It’s often a 100% match of what you have in your balance. Wagering requirements then kick in. Now you have to bet 20 times the total amount to collect it. 

The trick to this is to deposit early. As soon as you’re in the green, top up your account with what you have got. You will then be able to freeroll longer and with much lower WR. Take the house edge into consideration, too. Pick the games with low HE and bet small to climb wagering requirements.


We almost always find this offer alongside the deposit bonus. The house will match your initial balance and every time after that. This is fantastic as most sites only give you free credits at your first cash-in. 

If you happen to deplete your account, this bonus lets you try again with the same amount or higher. It helps combat losing streaks and fuels use of the Martingale strategy. One way to take advantage of it is to deposit halfway through your bonus. The new wagering requirements will only apply to what you cash in, and not the total balance.


This one is beneficial for invested players. If you gamble to pass the time, this type of bonus is not for you. Maximizing loyalty bonus takes a lot of patience and planning. They are exclusive rewards casinos give to long-time members.

The package can include free spins, streaks, and login prizes. Sometimes you would get extra cash for signing in on certain days. Some casinos will even give you Reload bonus on top of everything else. These also come with low wagering requirements, and most are available for withdrawal.

Think Long Term

Also, think math. There are formulas you can apply to your gaming situation to come up with a reasonable path. It can seem complicated at first, but if you’re dedicated and like profits, you will figure it out. 

Try to look for an EV calculator online and plug in your bonus and deposit amounts. You will also need the house edge for the games you play. The app will show you what you should expect to gain or lose over the course of WR. 

For a small number of bets, you will most often get a negative figure. But, with a solid bankroll and long term planning, you should always reach a positive value.

So, Can We Get Rich With Bonuses?

The answer is no. Considering everything we’ve discussed, they aren’t an easy come-up. They do give you a slight edge that can lead to potential profits if used right. Take full advantage of the Signup bonus by registering for multiple casinos that have it. Your luck may wane in one place, but it could soar in some others.

So, while we won’t become millionaires, can we expect some profit in the long run? The answer is yes.

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