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Online tools and websites that help you learn Italian

We are going to look through some best online tools and websites that will help you learn Italian. Let’s go!

Whether you are a kid or not, learning Italian in a fun way is much easier with digital services. You can find so many online tools and websites to help you learn a foreign language. Sometimes it is even hard to pick the right one!

Learning Italian can promote creative and critical thinking, memory load and prevent early brain aging. It is one of the reasons more and more grown-ups start learning a foreign language. The tools they use are mostly books, paper notebooks, and a traditional studying approach.

The Digital approach is the way that combines a fun way of learning Italian to fluency, and a systematic professional approach, that has already been tested by the audience. We are going to look through some best online tools and websites that will help you learn Italian. Let’s go!

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YouTube Channels

Youtube channels in foreign language learning are the old and tested way of self-learning. They can not replace lessons with a professional Italian tutor but can be a great additional tool on your way to Italian fluency. There are some popular YouTube channels you can not omit:

This Youtube channel can show you the basics of the spoken Italian language. There are many conversational videos that you can use as a reference when learning to speak out loud. The channels also have different rubrics from “Beginner” to the “Ask a Teacher” where the most common grammar, vocabularly, and spelling questions are asked.

  • Easy Italian

There is one more hot Italian Youtube channel that can help you navigate through the language – Easy Italian. The guys show you the basics of the language, pick the most curious language pronunciation from the streets, and show it to the users. The videos are very fun to watch and easy to learn from.


Applications are a handy way to learn languages: you can turn it on when going to sleep, spend some minutes while having rest. There are not so many great apps on the market, and we are going to mention them all.

  • Duolingo

They say that Duolingo is the world’s best way to learn Italian. We can’t disagree with that. This funny owl is the favorite of the adults and the kids who learn languages. The app has a great lesson structure, vivid gamification, and pleasant sounds. There are free and paid versions – you don’t have to pay if you lose and do the round again and again. It can be exhausting. 

  • Gus on the Go

Gus on the Go is another hot tool for Italian learning. This tool is perfect for kids. Gus is also an owl, who travels across different places, learns about the culture of these places, and studies the Italian language. The kids can learn the basics of the language with Gus. The tool uses a friendly way of interaction, colorful graphics, and clear dialogues. It is also nice, that the owl travels a lot, and kids can learn the cultures as well.


There are Italian courses and platforms for e-learning that helped us study during the COVID-19 period. We are going to mention some of them.

  • Preply

Preply is an e-learning platform, where tutors can find students and vice versa. Preply is a safe way of learning Italian and many other languages. The platform verifies all the teachers and shows students’ reviews. There you can also book a trial lesson to make sure that the teacher you choose is nice to work with.

  • Italki

Italki is a language social network where everyone can find a language buddy. You don’t need to search the other social networks anymore to find someone who speaks the language you are learning. Go directly to Italki to practice your listening, speaking, and other skills.


We live in the digital age when everything can be done and achieved with help of digital tools. The pandemic improved the market of language learning and made it more competitive. That is why each tool, app, or website upgrades the lessons, prices, and interactions with students. Test some tools from our guide to understand better your way of comfortable and effective Italian learning!

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