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DALL-E 2, the AI that creates images for you, expands beta tests

And users get to keep commercial rights for any images the program creates.

DALL-E 2, the AI program from research lab OpenAI that generates images from typed prompts, is looking to expand its user base. The platform has entered a beta testing phase, inviting up to 1 million waitlisted users to try out the program.

The company announced its new expansion earlier this week. Previously, the platform was limited to just 100,000 customers. But now, the program is ready to expand, opening itself up to 1 million potential users.

By now, you’ve probably seen some of DALL-E 2’s creations. The program can create impressive artwork by interpreting typed prompts from its users. Just check out this image of Donald Duck performing at a rap concert.

Dall-E 2 initially took the internet by storm back in April. At that time, OpenAI limited the program to just 100,000 users. The program is still limited to invite-only, but OpenAI is accepting tons more members for its beta testing period.

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You can sign up for the waitlist on the OpenAI website. If accepted for the beta, you’ll get 15 free credits that you can use to create your own images.

You will use one credit when you enter a prompt, but you’ll get four different image options for each prompt you enter.

After your 15 credits are up in a month, you’ll have to pay $15 for more. But that $15 will give you 115 credits, which could mean up to 460 images.

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Oh yea, and you’ll get full commercial rights to any of the images that DALL-E 2 creates from your prompts. That certainly sounds like a pretty good deal.

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