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The most overlooked basics on selling apps through social media

You’ll be well on your way after learning these helpful tips.

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There are more than a million tech geeks who are developing different apps on a daily basis. However, people market only a fraction of the developed apps. Even worse, a tiny percentage gets to the intended users. According to the latest marketing statistics, technology is one of the biggest sellers. It has created some of the wealthiest people of our times. Therefore, it is imperative for the innovative minds to learn some of the tricks they can use to leverage the social media to market their apps and milk the cash cow.

The following are some of the most fundamental milestones for social media marketing.

How does it solve the needs of the user?

Exactly! Does the app solve an actual need? Alternatively, does it improve the life of the user? If not, kindly go back to the drawing board. It is easier to market an app that solves a particular need as the social media user will readily share it.

Invest in Quality

When developing an app, one cannot afford to compromise on the quality. A high-quality app is more likely to be more effective in serving the user better thereby marketing itself above its competitors. App developers are advised to get sufficient finances for all the resources and the tools they require to come up with a quality app. You might need to start looking for an angel investor or other sources of capital such as creating a money market account for the long haul.

Create a strong digital footprint

If you insert a frog into boiling water, it will simply leap out to safety. However, if you insert it into cold water and then heat to the boiling water, the frog dies as it doesn’t realize when the water is heating. This is the same way one should leverage the internet in selling.

  •    Setup social media accounts on as many platforms as possible.
  •    Build a brand by creating consistent content across the platforms
  •    Get into social forums such as Facebook groups and like relevant pages
  •    Be interactive by liking, sharing, retweeting and such across all the platforms.
  •    Introduce topics related to your app
  •    Build your fan base using networks and by becoming a fan of similar forums
  •    Share content that is related to the app such as pictures, videos, and trailers and such

Use videos and High-quality pictures

Social media is populated by very many other sellers looking to capture the attention of the users. The sure way to do this is to make sure that the presentation of the app is attractive to the eyes and the ears of the users. High-quality videos and pictures showing the app in action can be an effective way to capture the attention. The videos are particularly useful since they can explain lots of details and are shareable.

Offer incentives

People love to be appreciated especially with gifts. Offering incentives across social media is also an efficient method to capture the attention of the passerby. Provide gifts for people who use the app and leave a review.  Following people or becoming their friends is also a way to appreciate the potential customers. It also helps one build a client base.

Leverage on Blogs

Numerous blogs are dedicated to reviewing apps or just general reviews. Reach out to the writers and pitch your app. The review might help to increase the visibility of the app as the blog’s readers will read it and probably share across other networks.

In conclusion, leveraging on the internet to market an app can be a cost effective way to get the apps to users across the globe. Eventually one might end up with a fully-fledged passive income from one revolutionary app.

Chris has been blogging since the early days of the internet. He primarily focuses on topics related to tech, business, marketing, and pretty much anything else that revolves around tech. When he's not writing, you can find him noodling around on a guitar or cooking up a mean storm for friends and family.

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