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Overwatch 2: Kiriko – all we know about the new hero

Here’s everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 and Kiriko, a fierce fighter with many abilities in her arsenal.

Kiriko character from the Overwatch 2 game female fighter
Image: Blizzard

Let’s give a big round of applause for Overwatch 2’s newest Heroine Kiriko, who was teased way too many times for comfort.

Kiriko Kamori is the newly revealed upcoming support hero everyone was anticipating, hailing from Japan, and is widely known as the “Protector of Kanezaka.”

She works as a vigilante affiliated with the Yamagami blades and the Yōkai. This ninja healer, aided by her kitsune spirit, can throw protection Suzu to her allies and Kunai against her foes.

She already holds so much promise, so let’s get right into everything we know so far.


list of the Kiriko's kit
Image: Blizzard

It should be noted that Kiriko is the type of unit who would play well alongside flanking heroes like Tracer and Genji. She works with a health pool of 200. 

Wall Climb

Kiriko’s passive ability allows her to jump at the desired wall and climb up it. Nothing extravagant, but a deadly positioning skill in the hands of a master. For example, simply use the space for this ability. 

Healing Ofuda

Kiriko’s left click ability, which is her primary fire weapon, works as projectiles. Therefore, she channels a burst of healing talismans that seek out and aid targeted allies.

Additionally, it performs 20 healing, works in bursts of 2 (fire rate) and has 10 ammo. The maximum range is still unknown.

If these talismans are yellow in color, they actively seek out an allied player, and if they are blue, they don’t have a specific target.


The Kunai are Kiriko’s right-click ability, functioning as her secondary fire weapon and a projectile.

These thrown projectiles can deal increased critical damage. They do 40 damage per body shot and 120 per headshot (deals 3x the damage).

The spread angle is pinpoint, and it fires at a rate of 1 shot per 0.55 seconds. It comes with 12 ammo, and we don’t know the Reload time yet. 

Swift Step

Kiriko character in menu
Image: Blizzard

This neat little skill allows Kiriko to teleport directly to a targeted ally, even if she needs to go through walls to reach them.

Yes, walls are no barriers to this hero, rather, they serve to her advantage. This ability has a 7-second cooldown and a maximum range of 35 meters. 

Protection Suzu

This ability works as an arcing projectile, which turns the allies within its area of effect briefly invulnerable. Additionally, it cleanses them of the most negative effects upon impact.

It performs 50 Healing, lasts for a duration of 0.75 seconds, and has a Cooldown of 15 seconds.

Kitsune Rush

Kiriko’s Ultimate ability activates upon pressing Q.

She summons a beautiful blue fox spirit that valiantly rushes forward while accelerating the movement speed, attack speed, and cooldowns of any and all allies that follow its path.

The Kitsune lasts for 10 seconds and is accelerated by the number of times of the quickness of allied players. This includes the coldown, Reload time, and rate of fire. 

Kiriko projecting a dog
Image: Blizzard

An overview

Good ol’ Blizzard already confirmed that this support unit would make her debut right alongside the launch of Overwatch 2 on the 4th of October, 2022.

Kiriko is a childhood friend of the two deadly brothers, Genji and Hanzo, and is meant to be played as fast-paced support.

She is more than capable of keeping up with her allied units thanks to her special capabilities like the wall climb and teleportation, transforming her into one of OW2’s most mobile healers, up there with Moira. 

While it’s still too early to conclude if she’ll be an offensive support hybrid similar to Zenyatta and Moira, we can say with certainty that she lacks the high range of the pain-in-the-back sniper-healer, Ana. 

How to get Kiriko

Kiriko will be in the game upon release in the first season of OW2 itself, but she won’t be as easy to get as new characters were in the prequel game.

Of course, bringing out the credit card will remedy this instantly, but let’s review how it’s done for both F2Ps and P2Ps…

If you cough up around $10 to buy the Overwatch 2 season 1 premium battle pass, you will unlock Kiriko instantly without any hassle.

The premium battle pass comes packed with many more goodies neatly organized into tiers like mythic skins and cosmetics. They are earned right alongside the rewards available on the free BP.

If you are a veteran player coming into the sequel from the original Overwatch, you, too, can unlock Kiriko free on day 1 itself. But remember, this generosity is unlikely to repeat itself for future new Heroes. 

If you are new to the OW world and are F2P, you can unlock her for free at the free battle pass’s tier 55. This will be somewhat of a grind, but it would be worth it, as all you have to do is play.

If you fail to reach tier 55 before the conclusion of the 9-week season, don’t worry because you can still unlock her from weekly challenges.

Similarly, characters from previous seasons will also return as weekly challenge rewards to give F2P players their chance of earning them, making things, especially better for new recruits.

In Conclusion

Overwatch 2 characters
Image: Blizzard

Kiriko has quite the backstory, which can’t be represented to its full glory within a short-and-sweet article like this.

Thus we conclude this article on Overwatch 2’s newest support hero, Kiriko. There is so much more left to be revealed, and we cannot wait to try her out once the game releases.

Her kit and playstyle are unique, making one wonder about the seemingly limitless possibilities she presents.

For example, there is no doubt that she would be a killer pick for any Overwatch 2 boosting service, because her support capabilities are just solid.

This tricker won’t hesitate to bend the rules to protect that which she holds dear. Quite the shrine maiden to keep your team alive, healed, and buffed, wouldn’t you say? 

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