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How to perform a DIY site audit

seo audit

According to the SEO experts, regular SEO audits are important to ensure that your website effectively evolves with the ever-changing search algorithm of Google. Some of the most important tips and tricks are listed below that you can do yourself for SEO website audits. The search engine rankings of some websites were affected by the series of updates by Google algorithm in the past few years.

Search engine Optimization emphasizes all its focus in this modern world. SEO audits are nothing but the simple analysis or a check to ensure the things are done properly. Your audit needs to be concerning you altogether. You cannot determine the best audit by the price they demand or the size of problems they put in forth. Every website is different and unique in its ways and should be dealt differently.

According to Jeanie Krzyzanowski, the director of a link building Strategy Company, performing an SEO audit is considered efficient and beneficial for every business. In these recent years, Google has changed a lot and looks at every tiny bit of detail, and if there is any trouble with the basis of your website, you might be at a high risk of being fined by the Google team.

Most of the experts have to say that the intense principles that go behind the SEO site audit have significantly changed from the past and certain aspects are more vital in the current state than they used to be.

Understanding the various types of SEO audits

There are usually three fundamental SEO audit types that are explained to the customers, they include:

Organic SEO Audit

The term “organic” refers to all the natural techniques of attracting viewers towards your website with the help of good content and branding. Things that are taken care of in this type include supervision of traffic volumes, website referrals to examine the owner’s strengths, top – converting keywords, looking at the weak points of your website, which site the viewer opens next when he closes your page is also known, what are your competitors doing, etc.

On-page SEO Audit

High alert traffic can happen overnight with only one or two tweaks. The job of the on-page SEO audits look after the more technical aspects such as the title tags, header tags, Meta descriptions, indexing, mobile optimization, sitemaps, and the factors that affect the loading time of a website.

Backlink Audit

As you might know that, the links on your page are from the third party sites serve as the important testimonials to the credibility of your website. They make sure that the search engines are aware of the existence of your site. “Hey, this is a valuable site; make sure you promote it in your listings.” You might also know that all the links are not equal and the backlink audit lets the clients know which links are impacting their sites and which links are earning them a high amount of money so that they can get into more fruitful relationships.

How to implement it?

Some say that you should hire a professional to handle such issues. Well, yes, it’s the easiest way, not the cheapest though. There is a bit more difficult way — to do it yourself using SEO tools. I’ll show it by the example of Serpstat.

It’s capable of all types of audits mentioned above. Just create a project run your website through the site audit feature, and it will return you the whole list of errors and gaps on your website. What is more, it will point the accurate location of these errors and give you a recommendation on how to fix it:

Click on one of these errors to see the details. Thus, you have the list of your errors, their location, recommendations on how to fix it, and a lot of step-by-step tutorial on the Internet. I think it’s enough to fix all your errors by yourself without spending a bunch of money.  

Also, Serpstat makes use of the best kind of algorithm that allows the system to explore the market shares of all the domains that are shown in the top 100 search engine results for a particular keyword and the keyword groups as well. This facility enables the search engine optimization specialists and professionals to examine the trends and consequences in the visibility of the domains.

Serpstat also displays the fluctuations caused by the market share which eventually provides a vision to the users to track their opponents closely and at the same time get into the market share deeply. With the help of Serpstat, you can see how well your website has been optimized, and you can compare them to the extent of optimization that your competitor’s website is own.

This facility enables you to precisely see what the processes of optimization you have to implement the elements you certainly need to discard. With Serpstat, you will be able to spot the latest errors and malfunctioning of your websites so that you can rectify within time and rank better in the Search engines.

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