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Persistence and perseverance: Two aspects of Shaquille Hinkson’s business path

In short, to achieve a successful business, it is necessary to overcome all the challenges that could arise.

shaquille hinkson

Every time we purchase a product or service it is because it has been recommended to us in some way.  A friend who has used it or their sales strategy convinces you that the product is good. We could say that a new product without proper advertising does not sell because it is not known. Shaquille Hinkson’s story is proof of this; marketing has played a crucial role in his business success.

Hinkson originally started his business with a van, which he used to stamp his brand logo and drive it around the streets so everyone could see what it was all about. Making this first unit a mobile marketing strategy, his first customers were people who were attracted to this advertising. The idea of a car detailing shop is unique and 10 years ago it was even more impressive.  At the age of 17, this young entrepreneur played to his last penny in the foundation of his company.

Exploiting Your Talents and Passions

Shaquille had to learn that advertising in his business was critical to getting more and more customers. So, through good and bad experiences he understood the importance of a good advertising strategy. Shaquille’s work has always been excellent.

From the beginning, he realized this premise so he looked for advertising strategies on his own. All his money was invested in the van to do the work and he didn’t have the money to hire a marketing expert. It led him to put his hands to work and with his ingenuity, he found a way to promote his business.

Use All the Resources In Your Favor

This successful entrepreneur has always been aware of the excellent quality of service he provides. This motivated him to create advertising cards with his logo and go to the city’s parking lots and place a card in every car he could. It is incredible the effort he made to make his business known. He looked for all the means to let people know about the services he provided. Moreover, he opened an Instagram account to demonstrate with images of the quality of his services.

Shaquille loves what he does, working on vehicle detailing is joyful work for him. That’s why it’s so important to take care of every last detail. From design to changing the paint with vinyl, painting the windows of the cars is a job he does with pleasure. In this way, you will make your clients so happy with the result that they’ll keep hiring your services and recommend you.

Overcoming Challenges

 When starting a business it is normal to face challenging situations, but not impossible to overcome. With dedication, and the desire to pass the challenges everything is possible. You just have to make the decision to achieve your goals. For this young entrepreneur, it has not been easy. Even though his story does not tell of any major complications, it is because he has focused on overcoming challenges.

Instead of lamenting unfortunate situations, he has looked for ways to overcome them without major losses. His business was successful once his clients realize the quality of his work. In a short time, he had to expand by buying more trucks and hiring staff that could help him run his business.

Excellent Work Is the Best Advertising Strategy

In the car detailing business, you will find high competition from other companies also handle the same services. But they do not have Niks professional Touch quality, the work that this company does is undoubtedly based on the talents of its creator with unique and innovative ideas it does an incredible job with each car.

In short, to achieve a successful business, it is necessary to overcome all the challenges that could arise. The recognition of a brand is due to its quality of service and good publicity. Shaquille inspires all young people who like him have a passion and want to make it a business. Demonstrating that the satisfaction of doing a flawless job will greatly add value to your business. Combine it with a good advertising strategy and it will be the key to the success of your business project.

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