Pitching press releases is easy with Upitch

Pitching press releases is hard, especially for those outside the media industry. Knowing this, Allison Kugel created Upitch to make the process better.

Press releases are essential for companies aiming to spread information about their businesses and products. One of the most positive aspects about this mechanism is that it is inexpensive and good for any company, regardless of its¬ size and industry. With all this in mind, it comes as no surprise that companies use press releases quite often, as a great way to boost visibility.

While people inside the media industry have no problems to spread and share a press release, people outside those circles may experience some difficulties. Contacting members of the media is one of the biggest challenges, but can now be mitigated with a new app.

Founded by Allison Kugel, an American journalist, editor, entrepreneur and PR specialist, Upitch is a free app focused on providing a way for everyone to pitch press releases to media members, such as journalists or bloggers. Available as a web and iOS app, Upitch has received, since it was launched last March, over 1,500 journalist downloads.

But Upitch is not only for the general public – it focuses on journalists, bloggers and all other media professionals as well. While using the app, these professionals can filter entries by industry and location, which is useful for them to see only the pitches that really interest them. Unlike lengthy press releases, Upitch shows journalists very brief press releases that are only 400 characters in length.

The way Upitch works for media professionals can actually be dubbed as “Tinder for journalists,” because it is based on swiping across pitches and news. A left swipe means a “pass” on that story, while a right swipe expresses interest. This right swipe will then notify the author, communicating that a journalist user liked their piece.

From this point on, the journalist or the pitcher can initiate a chat, using the app’s messaging section. The two can then coordinate a story together, or, if the conversation is not fruitful, they can terminate it by hitting “End Chat”, meaning they will be “unmatched”. The connection then disappears.

Upitch is an app with the potential to revolutionize the way PR pitching is done, as it directly connects people wanting to pitch and the media professionals that have the means to write about them. By doing so, it removes much of the hassle involved in the PR spreading process, while also increasing its efficiency.

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