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This web app will help you easily design promotional images, GIFs, and videos

Skip the graphic designer with PixTeller.

pixteller design photo editing web app
Image: PixTeller

If you do not come from the design industry and have ever tried to produce your own media content, then you know how hard it can be. For the end product to be good, the appropriate software needs to be used, which is usually complicated to master – not to mention all the design notions that regular people are not aware of.

Luckily, no one has to struggle to use Photoshop, as there is a tool that solves most (if not all) of our design-related problems. PixTeller is a web app that allows everyone to create all kinds of media content, including GIFs, short videos, banners, social media posts, mobile apps, newsletters, and more.

As a web app, there is no need to install any software whatsoever. Users just need to go to PixTeller’s website and, on the app’s editor, begin a new project from scratch or start by using one of the thousands of templates readily available.

Design projects usually take a lot of time, and hiring a designer can be quite expensive. By using PixTeller, you have the ability to create your own designs, according to your taste and your view, as the final cost will not be anywhere near what it would be if a professional was hired.

Who is PixTeller for?

Lots of different people are using this app, from individuals who sporadically need a banner, to startups and small companies who regularly need marketing content. This is because the learning curve is not nearly as steep as one from a professional tool, and also thanks to the fact that it supports many kinds of media and formats.

PixTeller is subscription-based, with different costs depending on the type of media being produced: for $8/month or $84/year users get unlimited graphical designs, while for $19/month or $144/year users get unlimited GIFs and videos.

So, if you are someone who needs the occasional poster or are creating media content all the time, PixTeller may just be the app that makes your life that much easier.

Have you used PixTeller? Plan on trying it out? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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