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Polker Overcomes BSC Bridge Breach, Launches with Modest Success while Battling Bots

Failure by the bridge provider, Poly-Network to close ETH-BSC bridge at launch time leads to massive dump of PKR tokens.

While it may not be the moon mission they were hoping for, Polker scored a modest win as their token survived a horrid day one. Claiming that a BSC Bridge on the Poly-network was left open during their launch on BSCPAD and Tronpad, Polker remained active, albeit worried throughout this whole ordeal.

Co-Founder, Hector Mayogora was quoted in his telegram saying “A snipe bot, taking about 1.745 million PKR tokens were purchased by one (wallet) address alone. These tokens moved across our ETH <> BSC bridge and sold in the pancake swap liquidity pool. This occurred in the duration prior to and shortly after community TGE tokens were distributed.”

Polker moves pretty quickly, having responses and videos up within a few hours explaining what was going on. Fortunately for them a modest IDO still bears good news for their game.

A small team with a big vision, Polker is still adamant about their release of their closed beta “Sometime early-mid july” an admin on their telegram said. They plan on their game being functioning and playable by this point allowing a select group of players to get in the action early and see what the hype is about. While it is unknown if when they beta they will have crypto currency support right away, we do know they plan on having tables set up and ready to play with their patented RNG and algorithms for fair gameplay.

 Polker also promised a “buy-back and burn” which is essentially removing tokens from the market to increase value, sometime between their beta and game launch.  The community seems just as excited, but a bit more hesitant to keep diving in. As the beta is set to come out within the next 20 days, it is yet to be seen if we should hold or fold on the Polker tables.

If you are interested in the PKR token, you can find them on PancakeSwap, JustSwap, UniSwap and also listed on CoinMarketCap.

If you are interested in the project you can find them on their website and their telegram where they answer questions

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