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Popup vs. Popunder ads: Which are best?

Do some research to make sure the money is well-spent. Find out where exactly your ads will appear, and whether these sites are relevant.

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Today, popups are losing appeal. Every user sees them at least occasionally. They appear without our consent, which makes them fairly intrusive. Pop-unders are a popular alternative, both formats must be used wisely. Here is how they compare.

Targeted ads are displayed based on browsing patterns. They promote services to users who are most likely to be interested. The best Evadav ads bring impressive results for different industries. Other ads deliver impressions across all demographics. Here is how both types work.

Popups: Outdated and Annoying

These ads open automatically on the page you are looking at. Often, they encourage you to sign up for a service. This nature means they are rarely welcome. Many users are annoyed by the need to close extra windows.

Advertisers are lucky if even the first line of the offer is read. An abundance of popups may increase the bounce rate of a site. This means most visitors leave the site quickly, rather than explore its features.

Still, this does not mean that popups are evil by definition. These ads must be appropriately incentivized. Make sure the site is not overloaded with automatic windows.

What Are Popunder Ads?

These ads appear when a user opens a certain site or takes another action. However, they do not cover the content – instead, they pop up in the background (hence the name). Basically, a special user’s action triggers a separate ad window. These ads have a number of important advantages:

First, they are less likely to annoy your prospect. Popunders do not hinder their browsing, so they can still look at your ad once they’ve finished with the site. Secondly, as the ad is in a separate window, they will pay more attention to its contents before closing. Some users may think they opened this window themselves, so they will study your message more carefully.

Are Popunders Always Better?

Both forms of pop advertising can bring value. The key is to keep them relevant and not too intrusive. Pop ads may help you gain acquisitions, turn leads into paying customers or advertise your service. If they are overly intrusive, they become counterproductive. Instead of attracting potential customers, you scare them away.

Keys to Success

Higher traffic does not necessarily translate into better sales. Think about the type of traffic you need. A reliable ad network is careful about choosing third-party sites. Their targeted resources have content connected to your offer. This way, users are more likely to take an interest in your products or services.

You may be charged for every click on your ad, so make sure those clicks are truly valuable. Can they eventually lead to acquisitions (i.e., bring new customers)? Do some research to make sure the money is well-spent. Find out where exactly your ads will appear, and whether these sites are relevant.

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