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Pound the bass with this $30 portable Bluetooth speaker with an included subwoofer

If you’ve been putting of a portable Bluetooth speaker purchase because of bass, you have no excuse now.

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If you’ve been putting of a portable Bluetooth speaker purchase because of bass, you have no excuse now.

A lot of the portable speaker deals we feature here on KnowTechie are usually just for one speaker, so when we stumbled across this combo that features a subwoofer and a detachable speaker for $30 (originally priced at $150), we couldn’t resist sharing it with our readers.

So what is it exactly? It’s a portable speaker that attaches to a subwoofer. You get both the subwoofer and speaker for $30. But the real game changer isn’t the speaker, it’s the 2GB flash drive built right in to the speaker, which means you can store up to 250 songs on it without ever having to worry about syncing your smartphone or plugging in a cable to your laptop. And let’s not forget, it’s waterproof! For $30 bucks, this is a no brainer.

Here’s the key details: 

  • 2 Gigabyte Flash Drive
  • Siri / Google Voice Control + Speakerphone
  • Waterproof Up to 3 Feet
  • Pro-Tuned Dual Amp Stereo / Bluetooth Playback
  • Rechargeable All-Day Battery


→ Boombotix Boombot BASS Station Bluetooth Wireless Ultraportable WaterProof Speaker $30

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