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PPPosting – the best guest posting service for your content marketing

PRPosting provides a complete guarantee of your request perfectly done. Either way, you will get a refund within 7 days.

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PRPosting is a service that helps customers with content marketing, guerilla marketing, link building, and guest posts. The platform has already received more than 200 positive feedbacks from its clients.

The Platform Developed by SEO Specialists

Under the supervision of Alexander Kirik, a top SEO expert, PRPosting was created as a helping instrument for his own projects. The result of his team’s work appeared to be really impressive, and they decided to open it for public use.

Those who use link trading platforms often complain about the same issues. They expect cheap links to be extremely efficient. PRPosting team’s experience in link building shows that strategy is the main thing to rely on in distributing content. Quality links plus a well-considered strategy equal successful results. PRPosting offers everything one may need to create such a profitable strategy. You will get:

  • more than 30,000 platforms;
  • manual placement of the articles in the system;
  • either a quality backlink or a full refund;
  • A stop-list of websites, «favorites», and a filter with various parameters

PRPosting has a large list of websites that sell their backlinks nowhere but there. They include sites with rare and narrowly focused topics. The team has collected a number of sources for link building. Quality donors for PR-material publications and additional services for content creation and outreach are also in your hands.

Outreach for Price of a Link

Outreach showed itself as a more effective way in comparison to link trading. However, this method is way more expensive. Using our service, you don’t need to pay. The outreach job will be done for free without any taxes or commissions and upon your request. All you pay for is a link.

Our Guarantees, Service, and Commissions

PRPosting provides a complete guarantee of your request perfectly done. Either way, you will get a refund within 7 days.

To make our platform even more user-friendly, we’ve implemented an ability to add money in 5 different currencies. You can pay either with a credit or debit card as a legal person or an individual without any commissions.

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