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Project COVID uses conversational AI to help people understand the coronavirus

A solid resource that makes understanding the coronavirus a bit easier.

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Image: Avaamo

As much of the world hunkers down for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many of us are turning to online sources to learn more about the virus that is causing the shutdowns. There is a lot of information out there and discerning what is true and what is false can be difficult.

Yes, you can go directly to sources like the CDC and the NIH, but many times that information can be difficult to navigate. Avaamo is looking to help with that, using its conversational AI technology to help break it down for us normal people. It’s called Project COVID. You can find out information like the number of confirmed cases, how to protect yourself, confirmed symptoms of those with the virus, and much more through an easy-to-use chat app.

To make navigating the chat app easier, Project COVID features easily-accessible quick chat questions, but you can also ask other questions and within seconds (typically) you are given a straightforward answer, sourced from a reputable provider of information.

project covid

Screenshot: KnowTechie

The project’s help page also notes that information is sourced and updated in real-time from the CDC, NIH, and WHO. Avaamo has also made it possible to embed the widget in your own blog or website. In order to do that, you can contact Avaamo by sending them an email to

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