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Pros and cons of Instagram for teens

You shouldn’t deny your kids from using Instagram but you can’t give them full authority to use the app either.

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Do you know what’s one of the best feelings in the world? Peeling off the plastic cover from something that you just brought. But even the best feeling comes with a con. That product becomes scratch friendly. If the best feeling comes with a con, how can you expect Instagram to be con free? The app surely has countless positive impacts that it can leave on the kids, but it’s really necessary to keep an eye on its other face too.

Whenever your kid requests you to make an Instagram account for them, don’t just shake your head sideways. In fact, see everything on the bright side as well as all the shortcomings of the app. And guide them on how to use Instagram properly.

But for that to happen, you yourself should know about all the pros and cons of Instagram. And we will provide that list to you.

Pros And Cons Of Instagram For Kids

Parents should always know if it’s the correct time for their kids to use Instagram or not. And if you think their age is appropriate to the app, in that case, let them have a taste of Instagram. But always make sure the app is used in an acceptable way.


1. Privacy

The privacy policy of Instagram is far better than most of the social media platforms out there. There’s nothing that can’t be controlled with the privacy settings of Instagram. Instagram provides easy control of the comments. You can disable the comments for everyone or some particular people with ease. Hiding of offensive comments is also possible.

Similar to the comments, settings for story and tags can also be modified. Users can also make the account private for even more security. And the people from whom you feel insecurity can be blocked right away.

2. Learning Platform

Instagram has plenty of useful pages that can be a treasure for kids. These pages can be related to craft, studies, music or anything in which your kid shows interest. With these pages, new things can be learned every day and that too from all over the world. Instagram also consists of thousands of facts and news pages which can be a great source of knowledge and a way to keep you updated about the world.

3. Display Of Work

When you’re extremely good at something, you want the world to recognize you for that work. Similarly, if your child is perfect in something like painting, sketching, playing guitar, or any other activity, Instagram is the best way to showcase their work. It will not only earn them the fame they deserve but also get appreciation and suggestions from those who like your kid’s work.

Anything can get viral on social media nowadays, so why not your child’s work. Maybe it can also lead them to fame and earnings in their early teenage.

4. Easy Tracking Through Spying Apps

Everyone knows that Instagram is the biggest social media platform nowadays. Keeping this in mind, almost every spying app has made the tracking of Instagram possible. There can be many things that the parents can miss while checking the Instagram account of the teens. But that’s surely not the case when the parents use spying apps to track the Instagram account.

A good spying app doesn’t leave anything behind and gives a piece of detailed information about the use of Instagram. The messages sent or received, stories checked, screenshots of Instagram feed and all other activities can be easily tracked.

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1. Adult Content

We have talked about the useful pages of Instagram in pros but what about the pages with the adult content? As the number of pages with kid-friendly content is uncountable, the number of pages with unsuitable content also has a never-ending list. Although Instagram doesn’t allow its users to post the nudes, still the content of some pages might display the models which are barely hiding their bodies.

2. Addiction

This is one of the biggest dangers that Instagram has. The impressive design and variety of features of Instagram are enough to make anyone fall for its addiction. Instagram feed offers a variety of photos and videos to make anyone spend hours on Instagram without getting bored.

Addiction is just the start of the problem. The addiction slowly gives birth to anxiety, sleeping disorders and you might also witness the change in eating habits of the kids.

3. Location Tags

Location tags are basically used by the users to make their followers aware of the place from where they’re posting a particular photo or video. And this feature is quite useful as the followers also get motivated to reach that place in the future. But can you imagine your child getting into trouble just because of the location tag? Well, anyone can see the location of your child and immediately reach them to settle a personal issue. In the worst case, it can also lead to kidnapping or a brawl.

4. Negative Influence

The actors, athletes, models and other famous figures with millions of followers show their luxury lifestyle on Instagram. As a teen, it might be quite hard to accept that their life is far vibrant from that of a common being. Understanding the psychology of a teenager, it can be said without any doubt that their lifestyle can easily give birth to the feeling of jealousness in any teenager. And this feeling might turn into anger and frustration in the future.

What Should Parents Do?

Reading the pros and cons of Instagram, one thing is for sure. You shouldn’t deny your kids from using Instagram but you can’t give them full authority to use the app either. What you can do is, make an Instagram account of the child yourself and check the account manually on any random day. For even more better control, make use of a parent control spying app.

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