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Pros and downfalls of mobile advertising

The benefits and drawbacks of mobile advertising show that firms cannot afford to overlook this booming industry.

Mobile Ads

The mobile advertising market has grown to be worth billions of dollars. Nearly five billion people use a mobile device at least once a day, and the number is increasing.  

That implies that a well-placed mobile advertisement can reach up to half of the world’s population at any particular time.

Companies planning a mobile advertising campaign must assess demographic preferences, consumer demands and needs, and carrier costs to see if it makes sense to invest in this sort of advertising.

Beyond any other advertising platform, mobile has the distinct advantage of being able to connect with customers at any time and in any place. The vast majority of smartphone users, including me, rarely put their phones down.

As much as we despise admitting it, we find ourselves checking our phones every thirty minutes or so for no apparent reason. It’s likely that this behavior isn’t unique to me. Smartphone users virtually always keep their phones on and in their hands. This is a marketer’s dream come true/

Advertisers can send location-specific and time-sensitive information, such as event announcements or sales alerts, with little to no wait thanks to this benefit. You can also reach out to your target customers at the right time with location-specific communications.

Let’s pretend you run a frozen yogurt business. You can focus people in the area with mobile ads for your shop using location-based data from cell phones. It’s also crucial to evaluate the upsides and downsides of mobile app advertisings

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List of advantages 

1. It allows you to make immediate purchases using mobile payments

The modern version of an impulse buy is achieved via mobile advertising. What do you see when you’re standing in line at the supermarket? Gum, candy bars, sodas, water, and reading materials are all available. 

All of these goods are meant to entice you to purchase while you wait for anyone to scan your items. The same is true in the case of mobile advertising.

Smartphones are used by consumers to entertain themselves. Boredom makes people want to try new things. This explains why this choice has such high engagement rates.

2. It can be utilized in a variety of techniques

It isn’t necessarily necessary for mobile advertising to be about selling products or services. You can also use it to solicit comments on your performance. 

Consumer surveys, reviews, and other forms of feedback are available in real-time, allowing you to know what someone is thinking or feeling about your message at any given time.

This gives you additional chances to help individuals fix problems before they spin out of control and cause bad publicity for Pangle. 

3. It generates information that is easily shared

This sort of advertising allows brand ambassadors to spread your word to other networks that may or may not be interested in your products or services. Your ad might even go viral if it has the appropriate message and a little chance.

4. It gathers information that may be tracked in real-time

Users’ responses to a campaign can be tracked immediately after it is launched. You can see what’s working and what’s not with your advertisements, and you can make rapid changes if users in your target demographics aren’t responding as expected. 

This benefit allows you to fine-tune mobile app advertisings campaigns over time so that they can deliver long-term results for your business.

5. It delivers immediate user replies

Pangle targets the right demographic, 95% of smartphone users can remember a mobile app advertisement they saw a week later.  

6.  It displays advertising information in places where people are

Despite the fact that mobile online engagement rates are slightly higher, the average user will only spend 16 minutes per day on the mobile web. The rest of the time is spent using an app.

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List of the Disadvantages

1. It may lead to certain users making judgments about your business

Since mobile app advertisements offer less content, you must rely on a click or a visit to your website to send the complete message to a customer. 

Consumers are forced to see your advertisement and then make assertions about who you are and the value proposition you’re offering.

This opens the door for your message to be misunderstood, potentially driving some of your target audience away from you and into the hands of your competitors.

2. There isn’t a standard display choice to choose from

Though advertising companies will try their best to show mobile ads the way you submit them, there is no guarantee that people will view them the way you intend.

Phones are available in a variety of styles and sizes. There are multiple generations of equipment in use. 

3. For some people, it may be difficult to navigate

20% of users rely on traditional cell phones to meet their mobile demands. If a touchscreen is available, there may still be navigation challenges to consider when developing a mobile advertisement.

Even if the user is interested, some adverts may fail to elicit a response because they are too difficult to access.

4. The user pays a fee to see your advertisement

This is the most important disadvantage of mobile advertising to remember. Despite the fact that we live in an era of unlimited internet, SMS, and MMS, not every consumer uses one. Standard data and text messaging rates may apply to some accounts. 

You’re not going to establish great sentiments with the consumer if you deliver a bombardment of promotional messages for $0.20 per item.

People are paying to see the messages that are being provided to them in some fashion, and we must respect that fact. 

Wrapping Up

The above benefits and drawbacks of mobile advertising show that firms cannot afford to overlook this booming industry. Each year, the percentage of e-commerce traffic originating from mobile devices grows. 

This is an investment that makes sense with a well-targeted campaign targeting well-researched demographics. 

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