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Protect your Christmas gift devices this holiday season

If you’re going to get a device for yourself or somebody else this Christmas, you want to make sure it’s protected. 

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Christmas comes but one time a year. But at that time, people all over the world flock to the shops (maybe not so much in 2020) or e-commerce sites to get all their Christmas presents. With the increase in evolving tech and new gadgets constantly being released, if you’re going to get a device for yourself or somebody else this Christmas, you want to make sure it’s protected. 

Keep Grandma safe on FaceTime

We’ve spent a lot of time online recently. We’re bound to when we’re stuck indoors all the time. And the future looks like that’s the way we’re heading – remote working, Zoom meetings, and video chatting with friends and family. So what better way to keep in touch with them this year than by gifting them with a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet (don’t go crazy, don’t get all of that for them!). But as you plan to FaceTime your grandma on Christmas – because remember what the government said about hugging her – are you protecting her virtually as well? The last thing your grandparents, or any recipients of your presents need, is to be open to online attacks. So this year, to save them from tears, give them something special. A VPN.

Protecting yourself online

Whenever you go online, your IP address is registered and monitored by various sites and companies. That’s why websites can easily remember that you’ve been to them, and big companies can target you with more ads – spooky, isn’t it when you go to one shop to then see the adverts plastered all over your screen? Let’s not forget about the cybercriminals out there who are always trying to get hold of personal details, whether it’s an attack on a website that stores your details or you’re just unlucky, there’s always the chance you could be a victim.  

Your privacy’s affected too. Your internet service provider (ISP) can monitor what sites you’re visiting, no matter how much you might rely on incognito mode. Websites can be restricted, and you may even find your broadband speeds slowing down when your ISP decides to throttle it to distribute the speeds amongst other users. If you don’t want to have any of that, and neither does your grandma, then maybe you should think about getting a VPN for Christmas as well.

Extra security with a VPN

A VPN works by hiding your IP address, so when you go online, it’ll appear as if you’re originating from somewhere completely different. It could be a village in Mexico, from a different state in America – there are hundreds to choose from. You’ll notice that if you get a VPN that there are thousands of locations. You’ll also find that when you do login via the VPN, you’ll benefit from its stringent encryption technology – yet another method to protect you when you’re online. So you and your grandma won’t have to worry about any cybercriminals getting your personal information.

But a VPN does so much more than protect. You can use it to access restricted websites that aren’t available in your country simply by selecting a server from a different country. If you wanted to watch something in Denmark that’s not available here or wanted access to all of the Netflix library, simply choose the right server, and off you go. Likewise, if you’re abroad (maybe you’re traveling away at Christmas) and you still want to access your favorite content back home – now you can. Simply choose the relevant location and enjoy watching where you left off.

VPNs from are easy to use too. Once you’ve installed it onto your device, or multiple devices, it’s got an easy-to-follow navigation menu. You simply turn it on, select the country server, and then head online. It’s so easy you don’t have to go round to your grandparents’ house to set it up for them, which is good as it’d defeat the object of keeping away from them.

You might even want to get a VPN early this Christmas, as you can use it to find the best deals. Sometimes, an online store will present different prices depending on where you are in the world. So why not try visiting it from a different country (via the VPN obviously), to find the lowest prices. 

Whether you’re getting a device for someone this year or you end up being the lucky recipient of a new iPad, it’s important to keep yourself safe when using it. Its warranty only lasts a certain time! With a VPN, you can protect yourself online and get the most out of it. It goes without saying, so can your grandma.

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