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Purchase Guard review – A stress-free dispute resolution experience

In an ideal world, both merchants and customers should use dispute mediation platforms like Purchase Guard to avoid either party resorting to chargebacks.

Online Shopping
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Online shopping has become an incredibly fast and streamlined process, thanks to the advent of payment processing services. Those allow us to process payments from many different sources quickly and easily, and can even help us purchase items and services from other people, not just large businesses and companies.

Unfortunately, not every transaction will make both parties see eye to eye.

For example, you might have received a product that wasn’t as described, or you could have been misled into thinking you were purchasing something completely different. You might even run into issues such as late deliveries or poorly-worded refund policy that you feel is unfair since it doesn’t help you at all. In situations like this, you’ll need a mediator who can help decide which part is in the right. 

This is an issue unique to online shopping because you can’t return an item in person like you would for a retail store. Thankfully, services such as Purchase Guard (available at are becoming more and more common, vowing to help you resolve online disputes quickly and efficiently. This Purchase Guard review will help you understand how it works, and if it’s worth using.

What is Purchase Guard?

Purchase Guard is an impartial dispute mediation platform that is 100% free, with no set-up or processing fees. This platform and service enable merchants and their shoppers to resolve disputes in a fair manner.             

Knowing that a third party protects your purchases can help create a safe online buying experience, making it more enjoyable and hassle-free to manage, especially if you use auction websites and online marketplaces very often. This Purchase Guard review will go into a few more specifics on how it works to determine if it’s worth your attention, and on which cases.  

How Does Purchase Guard Work?

Using Purchase Guard is incredibly simple. Let’s take a look at the process:    

  • Sign up for Purchase Guard. You’ll need to register with your name, email, phone number, and a password to sign up for a purchase guard account.
  • Login and access the dashboard. Once you’ve signed up, you can log in to your dashboard and pick the kind of product that you purchased along with the relevant online merchant. You’ll then have to describe the problem and also upload supporting documents like invoices or pictures of the product.  
  • Wait for the resolution team to negotiate with the merchant. Purchase Guard’s resolution team will negotiate with the merchant to see if they can reach a solution that benefits both of you. 
  • Accept or decline the proposal. Once negotiations have finished, you’re free to either accept or reject the proposal that Purchase Guard has negotiated with the merchant. If you decide to decline the proposed solution, PG’s team will then renegotiate with the merchant until a new solution is reached and agreed by both parties.             

Why Using Purchase Guard Makes Sense

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The main purpose of the Purchase Guard service is to give you peace of mind with your purchases. However, it also helps you avoid confrontation with a merchant should you be unhappy with their services or the product they delivered you. It’s an alternative to going directly to the bank or card issuer and asking for a chargeback. Not only does it come with fewer risks and consequences, but it’s also faster and helps you reach a resolution that is in your interests.

Since using Purchase Guard has nothing to do with your bank or credit card issuer, it doesn’t lower your credit rating or affect your financial history. If you approach a bank for a direct refund from a merchant, it could have an adverse effect on your credit score, especially if the merchant fights back. With Purchase Guard, you open up more options that will most likely help you get a refund or compensation of some kind without resorting to a chargeback.

Also, there is merit to using Purchase Guard as a merchant as well. As a merchant, you might end up negotiating with customers that are making wild claims or threatening chargebacks, all of which can harm your reputation and business. If this is the case, then Purchase Guard can help you resolve those disputes without much intervention from your part. This allows you to focus on business growth instead of dealing with difficult customers.


In an ideal world, both merchants and customers should use dispute mediation platforms like Purchase Guard to avoid either party resorting to chargebacks. On the buyer’s side, PG can prevent hurting his/her credit score should the merchant decides to fight back against the chargeback request. For a merchant, it can help improve the business’ reputation significantly if others know that it handles disputes in a civilized manner.  

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