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PureVPN no-log status confirmed yet again by KPMG

Assurances like these are hard to come by, and they are extremely uncommon in the VPN industry.

Image: PureVPN

PureVPN has always stressed that it is a privacy-conscious VPN service. The company’s privacy policy has openly stated that it does not store any kind of user logs on its system. But it’s one thing to make a claim and another to prove it.

Thankfully, in the case of PureVPN, this claim has been proven for the third time by one of the most reputable auditing brands. What’s more, PureVPN has now become the only VPN service that has got an always-on auditing status.

PureVPN was first audited by Altius IT more than three years ago. Back then, Altius IT confirmed the truthfulness of PureVPN’s no-logs claim, and PureVPN became one of only five VPN services that were certified as no-log VPN by a reputable auditing brand.

It didn’t take long for PureVPN to get audited again. This time, the audit was done by KPMG, which officially stands as one of the Big Four IT auditing firms. Like Altius IT, KPMG also holds the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified in Risk and Information Systems Controls (CRISC), and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certifications. It is currently a world-leading name in the field of forensic inspection of any network infrastructure architecture.

In the very first audit, KPMG confirmed yet again that PureVPN’s no-log claim is true. In a detailed report, it confirmed that PureVPN doesn’t keep any kind of log that would harm the privacy of their customers. It should be noted that these audits were done without warning. The element of surprise ensures that the VPN provider has no time to cover up any loopholes or to produce any kind of fake impression in order to look good in front of the auditing company.

PureVPN passed the first audit, but that was not the end. According to the agreement between PureVPN and KPMG, the auditing brand had the right to run another audit at any time of its choosing. There were no time restrictions on the upcoming audits, and KPMG retained the right to perform an audit at any time of its choosing.

This audit was done only recently, and the results have been published just now. According to the newest audit, PureVPN is yet again confirmed as a no-log VPN service by KPMG. The auditing brand found PureVPN’s claims on its privacy policy page as true yet again. The most important part of this audit is that it makes PureVPN the only VPN brand in the world that now has an always-on audit status.

Why is an always-on auditing status so important?

As mentioned, companies can always backtrack on their claims and fail to offer their customers what they offer to them at the time of purchasing. It would be a terrible mistake to take any VPN provider on its word. This is why VPN companies have started getting themselves audited in order to let their customers know that they are indeed true to their claims.

However, who is to stop any VPN service that backtracks on these claims after they get audited? Notorious tactics such as these are often used by brands who are good at making false claims to their customers.

This is why PureVPN has taken a step further by getting audited not once but thrice by reputable auditing brands. What’s more, PureVPN retains the always-on status that allows the auditing companies to perform another audit of the VPN provider at any time of their choosing.

Assurances like these are hard to come by, and they are extremely uncommon in the VPN industry. Thankfully, PureVPN has taken the initiative which is sure to boost trust in the VPN provider.

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