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Push notification or SMS: Which is more beneficial for your business

Once you understand the pros and cons of push notifications and SMS, you can make the final choice. It all depends on your needs and the kind of communication channel that works best.

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When choosing between push notifications and SMS, most people often find it challenging to select the best option. This article will give valuable information that can help you choose the best communication channel between the two.

When to Use Push Notifications

Use push notifications to send out reminders and updates to your audience about your products or services. The notifications could be about upcoming events, reservations, travel plans, and product deliveries.

You can only send out a push notification to a person who has subscribed to receive the alerts. They have to click on the “allow” button to be added to their subscriber list.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Push Notification


  • Push notifications allow you to collect the contact information of your target audience. You can connect the push notification to your website, collect customer details, and follow up later to generate leads and sales.
  • This service also allows you to segment your target audience based on their location, age, sex, income, interests, and purchase behaviors. This information can help you run effective marketing campaigns by targeting the right people.
  • Any user with devices such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or computer can get a push notification as long as they have an internet connection. This makes it a cost-effective campaign.


  • The user must have a smart device and an internet connection to get a push notification. A subscriber has to go to the browser to access the message. This can be an inconvenience for some people.
  • Push notifications come with a limit on the number of times you can send a text to your audience. This can limit your marketing campaigns and attract a low return on investment.

When to Use SMS API

Businesses use SMS API when they want to communicate to a large audience about their products or services. This is an effective platform that enables you to market your brand to a large audience while spending less cash.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using SMS


  • Sending an SMS is perceived as a personal and trustworthy form of communication. This is because someone who texts you might be your close associate or service provider.
  • On the other hand, you can also send bulk SMS to cover your worldwide customer base. This option should be used when sending out general notifications about your business. 
  • The text reaches the recipient quickly. However, this depends on the network, which mainly affects remote areas. The urban areas often do not have challenges with the network.
  • Any mobile user can receive a text message whether connected to the internet or not. Whether old or new, the message will still get delivered.


You have no control over what someone chooses to do with their phone. Once you send the message, the recipient can choose to read it or not. Sometimes, it goes forgotten, and the person might only see your text when scrolling through the phone.

SMS is intrusive. It can distract the recipient, and they may become resentful towards your products or services. Also, some people often find it hard to opt-out of a messaging subscription.

Which One Is Better: Push Notification Vs. SMS?

Both push notifications and SMS serve different purposes. The final decision depends on your preferences and business needs. For instance, if you have an app and want to communicate about your products or services, push notifications would be ideal. But if you want a broader, reliable, scalable communication channel, SMS will be the best option.

Summing Up

Once you understand the pros and cons of push notifications and SMS, you can make the final choice. It all depends on your needs and the kind of communication channel that works best.

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