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Q&A: DTC brands can now find ad inspiration from Metric Digital’s “The Ad Creative Bank”

On Wednesday, modern performance marketing agency, Metric Digital, announced The Ad Creative Bank, a new web application with a database of over 1100 best-in-class advertising creative examples. The goal: help direct to consumer brands get the visual inspiration they need to create advertisements that stand out. 

Over the years, Metric Digital has worked with direct-to-consumer brands of all sizes. They’ve witnessed the marketing struggles and know exactly how to take them on and drive sustainable growth. With this new tool, CEO/Co-Founder, Kevin Simonson, explains that brands can now learn “not only what kind of creative is performing best for them, but also to understand why it is the best.” 

To learn more about The Ad Creative Bank, we spoke with Scott Ginsberg, Head of Content at Metric Digital. 

Can you explain in more detail how The Ad Creative Bank will help consumer brands?

Let’s break down The Ad Creative Bank into left and right brain benefits. 

On the right brain side, marketing teams at consumer brands all have the same creative challenge: they want to quickly find salient examples of best practices in digital marketing, but they do not know where to look. Finally, they have a collection of over one thousand paid social ads into one easy search portal. For free. It’s the best-organized tool for creative inspiration available, as it reveals the ins and outs of Facebook creative from the people who actually run it. Our agency has spent many years and tens of millions of dollars in ad spend working with the top direct to consumer brands in the world. These brands’ ads drive significant growth revenue, and now anyone can learn from those best in class examples and increase their own chances of success on paid.

On the left-brain side, marketing executives at consumer brand companies all struggle with the same analytical challenge: How do we classify our actual creative into memorable, measurable buckets that we can then test, report, and optimize? As analysts and strategists, we have found that this structure is perhaps the most unsexy part of digital marketing, but the most underrated and profitable. Our goal is to do that heavy lifting for brands so they can focus on what they do best, which is creating value for customers. It’s a time saver and a brain freer, and we’re thrilled to geek out on this stuff so our clients don’t have to.

How does it work and does it cost anything to use?

The Ad Creative Bank is a free tool. Here’s how it works:

  1. The taxonomy page offers an in-depth explanation of the taxonomy that governs the structure of the Ad Creative Bank. It also includes a visual of the taxonomy itself. The taxonomy is what makes the Ad Creative Bank unique, so this is a crucial place to visit before navigating the rest of the website.
  2. The Creative Type tab is set up to be a drop-down menu with all of the creative types listed. To get to the home page of a specific creative type, click on the individual creative type. Each creative type has its own homepage with six format options.  The six formats are Static Image, Post-Production Motion, Stop Motion Video, Filmed Video, Image Carousel, and Video Carousel. To see examples of each format, click on the View button for the appropriate format. 
  3. Each individual page within a specific creative type is designed to offer a variety of examples across verticals for a certain creative type and format.  Some verticals are better suited for specific types and formats, so there will sometimes be a dominating vertical showcased in the examples. However, it considers a diverse selection of brands when selecting ads. 
  4. The gallery on individual pages allows for two viewing experiences, which are seeing the ads all together or zooming in on one.  To view an ad by itself, click on it in the gallery and it will automatically pop out into a new screen. In this type of view, the ad can be dragged onto a desktop or copied into a document, email, and so on.  This feature is key in preparing briefs for clients on the agency side, or for a marketing team to generate inspiration boards and creative direction during strategic planning meetings.
  5. The Top Performers tab leads to a password protected page that features top performing ads from some of Metric Digital’s clients.  This provides an opportunity to showcase some of Metric Digital’s best work, according to Facebook and Instagram performance data. Ads that appear in this section may also be found in other parts of the website but are not flagged as top performers anywhere besides the Top Performers page. If you want the password, just send us an email! See whose ads are killing it!

How does The Ad Creative Bank stand out from what is currently available for brands?

Facebook’s Ad Library does an awesome job of successfully housing different types of creative in one place, but our Ad Creative Bank took it two steps further. First, we classified these ads formally. Which took a few months of whiteboarding. Secondly, our taxonomy and insights help change the way brands think about the entire performance creative process, from conception to execution. Our company not only runs ad campaigns, but we have an entire division dedicated to full production of the ad creative itself. We know what works and why. Other online courses, guides, articles and resources miss that key piece of the process.

Here’s an example of how our structure can make a huge difference. Imagine you’re a senior leader at a direct to consumer food brand, trying to drum up sales around the holiday shopping season so you can earn loyal customers for life. What your brand needs to figure out is not only what type of ad creative is performing best, but why it’s performing the best. That way they can iterate, scale, and provide the maximum value to customers while increasing return on ad spend and keeping cost per acquisition flat.

Will you continue to expand the database?

Facebook changes how everything works all the time, and the most exciting digital marketing innovation that’s happening twelve months from now doesn’t even exist yet. And since we create ads for our clients and also collect them on a daily basis, we look forward to populating the Ad Creative Bank with new ads over time. And as we continue to run tests for which ads work the best, we’ll update our Top Performers section so our clients and community have access to the latest and greatest in the paid marketing space and grow their companies faster.

We’d like to thank Scott for taking time out of his day to answer our questions. You can check out The Ad Creative Bank and start using it today at

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