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Quantum dots in 2023: a rapid market growth in view

To make it simple and clear, quantum dots are relatively better solutions to enjoy low energy consumption, better visualization, and low costs.

quantum dots
Image: Joint Quantum Institute

From the days it has been developed, quantum dots technology has kept attracting more and more companies. With the latest development in the fields of flexible display, the market of the QD is about to experience unprecedented growth.

This article will give you a few cues about the major consumers and producers and the changes that are likely to happen in the QD Technology market in the next three to four years.

Quantum dots: the future of display

According to a report published by Research Cosmos, we are to expect a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 24.96% in the market of Quantum Dots Display by the year 2023. In other words, various factors stated in the report will make the market size increase to 3893.86 million US dollars.

What are quantum dots?

To make it simple and clear, quantum dots are relatively better solutions to enjoy low energy consumption, better visualization, and low costs. They are infinitely small semiconductor particles in crystal – that is as small as one billionth of an inch – which are precious assets in the field of nanotechnology. They are known for their ability to effectively convert solar light into electricity and to transform electricity into brighter and purer colors for flat-panel screens of devices like smartphones, tablets, Laptop, TV, PC Monitor etc.

In this year 2019, many great companies like Samsung or Huawei have released or are about to release new models of smartphones with a flexible screen. For such technology to be sustained, they are going to be massive growth in the demand for quantum dots in the coming years.

Key players and the regions concerned

To be more precise, it is also important to highlight the fact that the report has pointed out that by reason of a fast integration of the quantum dots technology, the USA is likely to be the region with the highest level of Cadmium-Based Quantum Dots production and consumption. On the other hand, while Europe will equally remain a key player in the market, the report considers that China has the highest rate of potential market growth.

Already, great companies are taking big steps in order to stay in the limelight of that QD development. Here are some key players:

  • SOUTH KOREA: LG Display, Samsung Electronics,
  • JAPAN: Sony Corporation, Sharp Corporation,
  • USA : 3M Company, Microvision, Inc., Evident Technologies…

Find a complete version of the report here:

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