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A quick and simple guide to proper gadget cleaning

If your gadgets haven’t been cleaned recently, we’ll give you a quick rundown on what and how you should be cleaning your stuff.


Since they either always get left in one place or are always being used, computers and gadgets are bound to get a little dirty every now and then. Sometimes the dirt can damage your device, such as causing it to lose sensitivity or ruin the display. With a little bit of water, a few household items, and our guidance, you can keep your gadgets clean and functional.


iPhone touchscreen

You can’t really avoid having dirt, dust, or grime find its way from your fingers to the touchscreen of your smartphone. What you can do is get rid of it safely and quickly. This can be done with a slightly dampened cloth, preferably a microfiber cleaning cloth. Gently wipe the screen in an up-and-down motion until it shines like it’s brand new. Sometimes certain devices have a soil-resistant film on their screen if so, wipe it with a dry cloth instead.  Be careful not to use solvents, abrasives, and cleaning solutions as they can damage your phone irreparably when used the wrong way.



First things first, turn the monitor off so you can see which spots are dirty. Next, grab a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the screen gently. They are usually pretty fragile, so you shouldn’t press hard on them. Avoid using paper-based wipes since they can end up scratching your monitor. If you find it difficult to remove a stain or gunk at a certain area, consider applying a little bit of water to the cloth. Sometimes there will be spots with a buildup of grime, use a mixture of alcohol and distilled water to remove them.



Headphones are something that people tend to overlook. If they aren’t cleaned, their sound quality might be affected too. To remove loose dirt and earwax bits, you can use a small brush. Check with the earphones’ manual or website if you can remove the caps. If you are able to do so, unscrew them and soak them in hot water with a couple drops of dishwashing liquid for about 30 minutes. Afterward, rinse and dry them with a soft cloth and put it back together.



When it comes to cleaning keyboards that are a little bit dirty usually you just need to do two things: blow compressed air in between the keys and swab rubbing alcohol on the keys.  Doing this will blow out dust and remove whatever dirt, grime, or oil that stuck on to the keys. However, if your keyboard is more than just dirty, you may have to pop out all the keys and clean the inside with a toothbrush.  This is the only way to ensure that you have removed unwanted gunk from it. Remember to unplug your keyboard before you start cleaning it as well.

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