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Quick, snag a few of these 32GB microSD cards at just $6 a piece

Probably wouldn’t hurt scooping up a few at this price.

Lexar microsd card deal knowtechie
Image: KnowTechie

Listen, we all need more storage, whether it’s for our Nintendo Switch, smartphones, cameras, computers, or whatever – there’s always a need for them. And when you really need them, they always seem to be lost, missing, or out of reach. Well, if this sounds like you, Amazon is blowing our these Lexar 32GB microSD cards at just $6 a pop.

No discount codes or clip-on coupons needed. That’s the price. Simple as that. If 32GB isn’t what you need and you’re looking for something with a little more capacity, you can also get the 64GB option for around $11. Either way, you have options.

We’re guessing this deal is only good for today, so if you need one of these, jump on this sooner than later. And at that price, it probably wouldn’t hurt picking up a few.

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