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Reddit Roundup

Reddit Roundup – 6/6/2014

Todays Reddit Roundup includes a hot nana, an incredibly super sized pit bull, a decaying Detroit, plus more!

scared dog

Ready for another edition of KnowTechie’s Reddit Roundup. Lets go!

 How to make your significant other shit themselves twice: funny.

spider paper

I’m an evil son of a gun

Incredibly huge pit bull

big pitbul

I think you’ll find it’s just a tiny man 😉

Some guy just posted this on Facebook. He just got married and was trying to introduce his cat to his new dog

scared dog

Aaaaand… that’s how you get pets who hate each other.

Whenever I see another guy with an old troll for a wifey

older couple

That’s the look of hate.

Google Street View Documents Detroit’s Decay


And yet, somehow the suburbs in The Walking Dead look way better.

Someone saw this when we were driving through Northern New Jersey


How the hell does she wipe her ass?

How to elliptical.


OK, this Crossfit shit has gotten out of hand now.



See, I told you she was a size 6!

Mom of the year

Mom of the year

 “All the kids running this race, and I have to have the little shit who falls and cries the whole way…”

Or Lindsay Lohan……

Steven Tyler

That dude looks like a lady

I’ll just end things with this:


I’m sorry.

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