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Reddit Roundup

Reddit Roundup – 6/8/2014

Today’s Reddit Roundup features an anxious pair of Mooses, A Starbucks drive-thru, “The Cage”, A skydiving kitty, and parking 101.

help me

Aren’t they so majestic?


The prequel to Bambi?

Hey lets have some fun! I will hang you from the roof

crazy russians

To be fair, there’s nothing else to do there.

This guy is posting his experience at the hospital, currently day five, and Molly the therapy dog is making his stay so much better!

molly the dog

If this is a lab report can’t wait for the cat scan

The face of no regrets.

no regrets

Imagine the child support he is going to have to pay. He’s going to be running on a wheel for the rest of his life.

This guy ad a party…and forgot to lock his door.

party time

Oh, I thought it was that a random naked guy crashed your party and you kept him.

Get in mah belly!!!

nom nom

Those poor soldiers never had a chance.



If you are going to have a Mexican and soul food fusion restaurant how do you not name it “Na’cho Mamas”?

Having a small wiener must suck

bad parking

Are you kidding? Having a small wiener must be awesome… you get to park wherever you want.

Guns N’ Roses just posted this picture of Nicolas Cage and Andrew Dice Clay

cage dice

It’s obvious Clay is just about to say “Fuck you” to somebody.

Poor Kitty

skydiving kitty

On the bright side, Whiskers is only a few more jumps from getting his instructors license.

So this girl didn’t want to lose the keys to her lock…


better call surelock homes

God Bless Texas

horse starbucks

I’m most impressed by how enormous this Starbucks is.

Find something I missed out here on Reddit? Share them in the comments! 


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