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Reddit Roundup

Reddit Roundup! – 7/1/14

Today’s Reddit Roundup features hunting in a supermarket, a literal close call, the actual correct use of the term “deal with it”, and poor little Jingles.


Reddit Alien

Ready for today’s Reddit Roundup?  There’s some goodies here today. Well don’t just sit there, get to scrolling! 

They have cornered their prey.


Walk! Walk for your lives!

Like a glove

like a glove

He looks like a very happy feller

You might call me a dick, I call myself a hero.

Real Life Smoke Alarm

No, this motherfucker just judges my cooking.

Venus the Chiimera Cat

Pretty Kitty

half black and half ginger. now thats an interesting combo.

Correct use of ‘Deal with it’

deal with it

Can’t even imagine how much training it took to pull off that stunt as planned

Jingles, what do your cat eyes see?!


But can he see why kids love… ah fucking forget it

Saw this guy on the way to work today. I like his honesty!

this is awkward

“A real homeless person is too hungry to be funny” – Chris Rock

Pedestrian hit by car in a horrific accident.

That's called insurance fraud.

That’s called insurance fraud.

Kid Rock and Eminem faceswap

Eminem is kinda pretty

Eminem is kinda pretty

Photobomb level : Bill Gates

Gates Bomb

He’s so generous he donated his face to your photo.

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