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Review: Cielo Breez Plus – The triumph of HVAC technology in the shape of a smart AC controller

Be in complete control of your air conditioner and manage it from anywhere using your smartphone!

cielo breez plus

The summer season is a huge favorite! I love the sunshine, a refreshing swim, hanging outdoors, picnics, festivals, and whatnot! The biggest challenge of the summer season, though, for me personally, is to manage the intense weather conditions. The heat simply gets unbearable.

On a mission to combat the hot temperatures, I landed on a solution that turned out to be a revolution – Cielo Breez smart AC controllers! The best part is that this is not only for summers but also for the whole year if you have a reversible air conditioner/heat pump like me.

A smart air conditioner controller, known by the name of Cielo Breez Plus, is all you need to beat the heat and mark your feat. The driving force behind the formation of Cielo Breez AC controllers was to provide households with smart features for their air conditioning requirements. Smart thermostats are very common, but what about making other cooling systems smart, such as a mini-split or a window AC? Cielo Breez smart AC controllers are the perfect option for these units!

What is Cielo Breez Plus?

cielo breez plus

Cielo Breez Plus is a versatile smart AC controller that allows you to manage your air conditioner without a remote and it adds numerous smart functionalities for your AC!

It allows you to control your air conditioner at any time, from anyplace. Using your phone, you can change the AC modes, increase or decrease the room temperature or humidity levels, monitor air filter status or timeline of actions, and set advance schedules, geofencing, or intelligent triggers to automate your air conditioning.

The great thing about this smart little beast is that it can make ANY air conditioner smart; you just need to have an IR remote control for that AC.

Why Cielo Breez Plus?

There are very limited things in this world that are good and affordable. Cielo Breez Plus is one such item. It gives you control, convenience, and comfort – plus, it can save you a lot on your electric bills if you make use of the smart functionalities. Following are the reasons why you should opt for this smart technology for optimal air conditioning:

Total Control

Cielo Breez Plus smart AC controller lets you control your air conditioner even if you’re in a different world. All you need is Wi-Fi! You can turn your AC on or off, switch modes, regulate the temperature, monitor your room’s live temperature settings, and more. All this by just using your smartphone through a user-friendly mobile application named Cielo Home. Whether you are tech-savvy or not, this app is super easy to use, and available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

With the geofencing feature, your AC automatically turns off when you leave your home and turns on before your arrival. Cool, isn’t it? All the controls of your air conditioner are at your fingertips!

Device Display

Cielo Breez Plus is the first smart AC device I’ve reviewed that has a diverse set of features available on its aesthetically pleasing display screen. It has in-built controls through which you can manage your AC by directly tapping on the device buttons. You can also easily view your settings and the temperature plus humidity levels of your room right on the display.

You can place the device on a wall or any table using the stand that comes with it. It comes with the option of hardwiring, or you can simply plug it in with a 5V adapter to power it up.

AC Maintenance & Energy Saving

The average life of an air conditioner is expected to be around 15 years. However, things can get worse if an AC is not taken care of in a proper manner. This is quite scary for me.

With Cielo Breez Plus, you can monitor your air conditioner’s air filter status to timely schedule maintenance. Moreover, the timeline actions feature greatly intrigued me as it provides complete data of air conditioning usage i.e., when it was switched on, what was the mode, etc. You can set an action plan after learning the overall usage of your air conditioner to help save energy. Cielo Breez Plus allows you to use your air conditioner intelligently to save energy and money on your electric bills.

Comfy Mode

Comfy Mode is the most convenient feature that you can bag in on a daily basis with Cielo Breez Plus. Hear it out; your Cielo smart device has in-built sensors to sense your room temperature and take actions as per your requirements. For instance, you can set your preferred temperature range at 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature falls below 70 degrees, then fan mode would be turned on, or you may want your AC to switch off. If the temperature rises above 72 degrees, then the cool mode can turn on.

This allows you to maintain the perfect temperature always without doing anything!

Voice Commands

cielo breez plus

I am writing this in the year 2020, and a pandemic has hit the world. As a result, we’ve specialized in maintaining social distancing and staying away from any physical interactions. To manage your air conditioner with Cielo Breez Plus, you do not even need to touch anything. Just say, “Ok Google, turn on room AC” and it will turn on. Cielo Breez Plus is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts, and Google Home, allowing you to control your AC using your voice.

Bottom line

Cielo Breez Plus is a smart AC controller that gives complete value for the money. It is easy to install and super-easy to operate. It not only saves time & effort in maintaining my AC regularly but also saves me dollars on my monthly electric bills. Best $109 I’ve spent in recent times. Regarding several smart devices that I’ve reviewed, I would give this smart AC controller a solid 8.5 .

If you desire to exercise your dominion over the fierce summer heat, if you need to come back home to a pre-cooled temperature, if you want to make your air conditioner smart, then Cielo Breez Plus is the ultimate answer.

Also available on Amazon for just $109.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

Editors’ Recommendations:

The Good
Straightforward installation process
User-friendly mobile application
Comfy mode for automated room temperature and humidity adjustments
Wide range of controls available on the device
Compatible with thousands of air conditioner remote models
Easily accessible and vigilant support team
The Bad
Works with air conditioners that come with an IR remote control
Available in black only
This smart device makes you lazy by giving extreme comfort all the time

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