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Review: ERover Hoverboard (Updated)

We finally got our hands on a hoverboard! We got a chance to review the Erover hoverbard. Here’s our thoughts! 

UPDATE 3/31/2023: Unfortunately, the ERover Hoverboard is no more and has ERoved its way into the sunset. Like most hoverboard companies, this particular company vanished into thin air. We just wanted to share this in case anyone was looking for them.

So you’re thinking about buying a hoverboard? Well you’re in luck. I recently got to test one out! And not only was it fun to ride but it didn’t catch on fire! I’ve seen so many videos of people busting their butts on these hover boards on You tube, so it made me want to buy one and see what all the hype was about.

Since I really didn’t know what I was getting into, I decided not to shell out too much cash. I ended up picking up one on EBay for around $320 including shipping! The one I purchased was from a brand called ERover and it arrived in about 2 weeks from China. I think they are pretty much all made in China at this point.

First Impressions


As I took it out of the box it really felt heavy and well built. I believe it weights just under 27 pounds, so if you are thinking of carrying it around, you might want to pick up a carrying bag. I was really anxious to try it out but unfortunately you do have to charge it before you can jump on. Surprisingly it only took about an hour to charge and because of all the stories if heard of them catching on fire, I decided to make sure I was around while it charged.

The charger provided looks a lot like a bigger laptop charger and has a light indicator that goes from red to green when it’s fully charged. Before I jumped on, I decided to watch a few you tube videos to get a few tips so I didn’t totally whip out on . my first try. To turn the board on there is a small silver button that you push in and the board comes alive. It has two blue led lights on each side and it makes a beeping noise to let you know it’s on.



At first I was a little nervous so I decided to hang on to my kitchen counter and then step on. From what I was seeing online, It is best to kind of get both feet on at the same time and push your feet against the sides to get better balance. I slowly started moving forward by simply leaning my feet forward and then I would lean my feet back to stay in my safe zone, the kitchen counter I was still holding to. As I got a little more confidant I started to let go and I kind of felt like a kid riding a bike without training wheels.

One thing I recommend is if you feel like you are going to loose your balance, just step back off the board. Try not to step forward or you will run yourself over and fall. The board has two independent electric motors that let you control in which direction you would like to turn. If you turn too much, you’ll end up like ballerina going in circles.

Erover how to

Now that I had my training wheels off, I decided to take it outside on my driveway and began to really push it. It was literally to fast for me and as I approached its top speed of about 12 mph, I started to get the wobbles and had to jump off frantically. What really surprised me about the ERover, was how long the battery lasted. Most of the time I never really got to the point that it needed charging, but to test it out I got around 12 miles of use before it was completely dead. I was having so much fun that I threw it back on the charger and again in about 1 hour it was ready to use.

Final Verdict

So after several weeks of pushing and abusing the hoverboard, The one thing I realized is, that I need to stop calling it that, because not once did it hover. So to be politically correct let’s call it by what it says on the box and that is a balancing board. Whatever name you want to call it, one thing is certain it’s a whole lot of fun. You literally won’t want to get off of it and be careful cause it can become very addicting. It’s definitely not at the point, that it becomes a form of transportation because it can’t go up curves and it has become illegal in some cities.

At the end of the day I give it two thumbs up. One thing I recommend is starting off slow until you get the hang of it or else you’re going to end up being like one of the hundreds of people busting their butts on YouTube! Also because most of these units are made in China and their standards are quite not as high as ours, I wouldn’t leave it charging unsupervised and definitely not overcharge them. Other then that just have fun! This could be a good hoverboard for kids too.

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The Good
Battery life
Quick Charging time
Very responsive dual electric motors
Well built
Strong rubber wheels
The Bad
Plastic shell started to scratch
Charger feels cheap
A Bit on the Heavy side
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