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Review: Leadpages – why this landing page builder is top choice

As one of the marketing tools, Leadpages is highly essential and useful when it comes to content upgrade of a site.

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The weight a landing page carries is such enormous, as the successful digital marketer they will tell you. Among the rest of the factors and features of a website determining the traffic, it is the most regarded one.

The design and presentation of your landing pages define a lot concerning visitor’s actions on your site. Poorly developed landing pages will discourage a visitor right away when they land on your website.

When this always happens it, therefore, means if it is products or services you are offering no one will ever buy let alone subscribing to your newsletters.

It is for this reason earlier digital markers spent a lot of time with their developers trying to create such a perfect landing page. But all these have been a waste of time and more so money. Currently, things have changed. Technology has lead to the introduction of more automated tools to help in this. Leadpages is just one of them.

What is Leadpages?

Leadpage is a Best Landing Page Builder cloud-based business tool helping in the creation of high conversion rate landing pages. With it, you do not require any IT expertise or specific special marketing skills to either market, sell, or even deliver your products/ services.

Here are the top beneficial factors you will get once you sign up for Leadpages:

Drag and drop editing – The drag and drop feature was activated in 2016 and made the entire experience with this tool glitch-free and intuitive.

Easy A/B testing –  Leadpages allows you to spin up the new split test you have in a bid to find out which among them could be a better performer.

Lots of marketing integrations – It is highly supportive of email marketing services you have, webinar tool, payment gateway, CRM, and much more.

Hosted landing pages – Even though you can still use your domain name, Leadpages will as well host all of your landing pages.

Free template – Leadpages offers over 130 free templates in addition to paid ones which are even more. You will, therefore, have a variety of options to chose from. Each of these templates is in ready to use state only for a few editing. Lots of website incorporations – Leadpages allows quick linking to your website. Among its integration features includes Leadpages WordPress plugin, plus a lot more others for Joomla Squarespace and more.

Detailed analytics – Leadpages gives analytic information in its dashboard. However, yet, it still works compatibly with other analyzers such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more.

Any Leadpages created landing pages are always mobile responsive  – still, you will be able to view the pop-ups. People use Leadpages in different forms. Brian Dean, for example from Backlinko, uses the LeadBoxes version, and through his posts, he says he had a 785% conversion increase.

How Leadpages Work

Like most online-based online landing page builders, Leadpages requires you to sign up as a start-up procedure. Singing in unleashes you to a platform where you can create new or edit the available templates, check the dashboard, and more useful for your landing pages.

Its main functioning features the following:

Leadpages Editor –  It is one principal element making the Leadpages a highly useful landing page builder tool. Through its drag and drop feature, this editor allows you to add necessary texts, symbols, and pictures where you want them and at the same time allow their removal.

If any case you wish to design your templates, you can still do so making use of this editor to bring them from scratch to publishing. If you are a pro, this would probably take you not more than 10 minutes.

Also, while editing, you can still add widgets of your desired choice such as countdown timer and checkout elements. These will create both scarcity mode and promote a quick sale, respectively.

LeadPages Templates – Leadpages provides lots of templates which the company keeps adding. Among the common ones you will find include;

  • 404 Pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Launch Pages
  • Webinar Pages
  • Checkout Pages

Other specialized pages also exist for creating  Podcasts, About me pages, Contest pages, and FB landing pages. Each of these templates bears a high-performance history, and so you can trust them.

LeadBoxes – These products help you create excellent pop-up opt-ins for your site. You can as well set them up to appear only at certain times, for instance, when a visitor seems to leave the site. The 2-step opt-in Leadboxes offers higher conversion rates as confirmed here. Hence numerous sites tend to have them more. Many have tested it out, and the results are remarkable.

Leadboxes comes with drag and drops Leadboxes editor which gives you great control over your countdown timers and videos as well. The two elements offer highly significant conversions.

Leadpages Pricing

Leadpages offers three pricing plans, the Standard, Pro, Advanced and a Start plan at $15 a month.

Standard Plan – The pricing here starts at $37 per month. With this you will be able to access the following;

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited pop-ups
  • Endless Lead and traffic
  • Mobile responsive templates (160+)
  • Facebook Ad Builder and Email support

Pro plan – You will get this subscription for $79 a month. Its features comprise all those of the Standard plan in addition to the following.

  • Online sales and payments
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing
  • 10 SMS campaigns
  • Discount with partner companies
  • Chat Support

Advanced – Its subscription goes for $199 a month. This plan consists of all the features present in both Standard and Pro plans plus the following;

  • Advanced Integrations
  • Five sub-accounts
  • 50 Extra SMS campaign
  • 1.1 coaching Call
  • Priority phone support

Each of these plans comes with a total of 38% discount for a 1 or 2 years pre-payment.


As one of the marketing tools, Leadpages is highly essential and useful when it comes to content upgrade of a site. It is such a dependable tool for testing out numerous landing pages to find out which performs best. Lots of people get discouraged by its relatively high pricing rates, but even so, their impact reflects strongly at the end of the day.

Email marketing is one of the super marketing strategies which, when looked into precisely, can lead not only to high traffic but conversions as well.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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