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Review: Moon Pod – The anti-stress bean bag chair

Moon Pod is simply a comfortable, luxury bean bag chair that is a great option for those who can afford it

moon pod bag chair
Image: Kickstarter

I recently ordered a Moon Pod bean bag off the business’ website to test out in my living room. My knowledge of Moon Pod is that it is a shapable bean bag that a user can sit on in various positions and angles. With this definition in mind, I tested out the Moon Pod in terms of its comfort, versatility and overall utility as a multifunctional bean bag chair. 

Does the high-end price mean high-end quality?

As a disclaimer to any potential buyers of the Moon Pod, it is expensive. Priced at $300, you can probably purchase a bean bag or other type of chair that will fulfill your sitting needs for significantly less. I was apprehensive about handing over a couple hundred for, essentially, a sack of beads encased by a fabric membrane.

However, I believe you always get what you pay for. I also believe that you are not only paying for the physical product, but for what the product can do for you. I believe in a lot of things when it comes to consumerism. But, back to Moon Pod. In this case, I think the quality and adaptability of the Moon Pod bean bag chair mostly makes up for its costly price tag, but I do think it is a little overpriced. Here are my thoughts.

When you sit on the Moon Pod, it instantly conforms to your body. I can sit on the bean bag and work on your laptop, write in my notebook or do any other productive tasks like I would on a normal chair. Then, if I needed a bit of a break, I can recline back and watch some YouTube on my laptop from a more relaxed position.

And if I was really tired, I could lay flat on the Moon Pod and take a quick (or long) nap. In most of these situations, I was comfortable. A lot of Moon Pod’s marketing messaging focuses on the fact that their bean bag can be used for a lot of different functions. In this regard, I think it lives up to its branding. 

Does Moon Pod live up to the marketing hype?

An interesting part of the Moon Pod bean bag is that they claim that they “engineered” their product to mimic what flotation therapy feels like. They claim that their bag “not only supports your body but calms your mind.” I don’t know how much the Moon Pod bean bag, again, a sack a of beads in a fabric membrane, can really help out with stress, anxiety, PTSD and ADHD, which is what the company suggests.

Will sitting on the Moon Pod alleviate all your stress and anxiety? Probably not. But, at least in my experience, it will help you relax just by its sheer comfort. And if physical relaxation and comfort help you destress, then I guess you could call the Moon Pod an anti-stress bean bag chair. I don’t know if it helped me with my own personal stress per se, but I can say definitively it is very comfortable. I think the mental health benefits that the company claims are largely unproven. 

moon pod
Image: Moon Pod

The Moon Pod only weighs around 12 pounds, which is pretty light given its bulky size. It does take up a bit of space at around 4 square feet, so you’ll have to make a bit of room to accommodate it.  But its weight makes it easy to move around for sure. I don’t think it’s the best option for those with smaller living spaces.


At the end of the day, the Moon Pod is simply a comfortable, luxury bean bag chair that is a great option for those who can afford it. I’m happy with my purchase and will continue to use the Moon Pod regularly, but it definitely is a more sizable investment compared to getting a regular chair or bean bag. Try it out for yourself and let me know if it “calms your mind.”

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