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Rising entrepreneur Johnwick Nathan illuminates the secrets of success

Johnwick Nathan’s ultimate goal to give back to the world in a positive way.


What are the secrets to success? For as long as humans have existed, we have tried to illuminate what exactly makes a person successful. One thing is for certain: The possibility of success is open to anyone in the world. The concept of the American dream is based around the possibility – that anyone, regardless of background or history can become successful in America.

Unfortunately, the American Dream is not felt by many Americans these days. A study performed in 2019 showed that nearly 3 in 10 Americans believed that the American dream was impossible, and as millions struggle to find gainful employment after the COVID-19 pandemic, this number is likely growing.

The Keys to Success from an Expert in Achievement

The keys to success are a nebulous concept, but Johnwick Nathan, one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs of our time, believes that these traits can be learned. First and foremost on the list is love. “Would you hurt something or someone that you love? I would imagine the answer would be no. With the loving approach, you are able to see the good in things. You establish value right from the beginning,” said Nathan in a recent interview.

Johnwick Nathan is the leader of various prosperous businesses such as Harbor Health Integrated Care – a healthcare business that helps struggling people access psychiatric and behavioral health services like clinics and group homes. Now Nathan is expanding this business, adding on primary care and dental services, and he’s carrying this loving attitude into his new ventures.

Nathan believes that a loving and caring approach can greatly benefit your career, but where does this attitude come from? How can someone develop these skills in an increasingly dispassionate time? Nathan illuminated his own personal history in a recent interview to give us these answers.

Growth and Progress

Johnwick Nathan was born in 1994 in Haiti to Miliana Joseph and Leprince Nathan. Leprince moved to the States a couple years later in search of a better life, leaving Miliana to raise seven children alone. In 1997, desperate for change, Miliana packed up her family and left Haiti for the USA. Nathan was just three years old at the time. They settled in Hudson, New York, for a time, and this is where Nathan found his passion.

His first job was with a volunteer group called Operation Unite New York, which he joined when he was fourteen. Through Operation Unite, he played in a drumline, and he participated in hip hop and African dance. These activities instilled a passion for music in Nathan, which carried with him throughout his life and his business ventures. At a young age, Nathan was playing the keyboard in church – religion being another vital factor throughout his life.

In 2009, after Nathan turned fourteen, he moved to Connecticut to live with his older sister. Their apartment was miniscule, more of an attic really. “Our shower was so small If you bent over your butt would pop out of the shower and hit the wall. For us that was just life. That’s just what we had to deal with,” Nathan said, remembering the difficult time. Although they didn’t have much, Nathan still had his love of music. Encouraged by his sister, he played the piano and the guitar in their local church.

After he graduated, Nathan went to Indiana Bible College to study theology. He then made a final move to Arizona, to study music production at CRAS Recording School in Tempe. While studying, Nathan started working as a behavioral health technician at a group home. It was at the group home, working with clients on a one on one basis, that he discovered his true purpose. For Nathan there was no task more fulfilling than helping someone rise out of the tough spots in their lives. “To be able to see a person change; that’s like watching a child be raised. When you have a child and he or she grows up and you’re like ‘man, I really did a great job,’” said Nathan.

Nathan continued working as a behavioral health technician after graduating with his music engineering degree in 2016. His aspiration was to start his own healthcare business, and motivated by the words of business gurus like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone, he launched his first residential home in 2017. This home largely served the struggling native American population in Arizona, a fact Nathan takes pride in.

In early 2020, Nathan founded Harbor Health Integrated Care (HHIC), which featured psychiatric services and group homes, still mainly servicing the native population. Nathan has found great success with his health care services, and he believes that his loving attitude is what drives this success. He takes great pride in his business, and he has a deep empathy for his patients, which pushes him to improve the care they receive.

Nathan currently has plans to add primary care and dental services to HHIC, providing these services to the patients at his clinics and group homes for free. His latest venture, Guillet Industries, was founded in 2021 to provide mortgage and loan services to his community. Guillet is integrated with HHIC, to give outgoing patients the opportunity to live independently and contribute back to their community.

Johnwick Nathan’s ultimate goal to give back to the world in a positive way. This is the basis of success in Nathan eyes – having real empathy for those around you, and carrying a loving attitude throughout your business ventures. Nathan is writing his own book on the topic of success, called “Becoming What You Think About” which further defines the traits, skills and rules that a person needs to make their dreams a reality.

There is no one definitive trait that makes one successful. There are many long-touted skills like teamwork, intelligence, and a hard-working attitude that many believe will make them successful. A loving attitude is a novel concept in the business world, not often seen amongst business executives these days. Perhaps it could be the true key to success.

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