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Ronn Torossian with examples of successful PR campaigns by brands

Ronn Torossian is an NYC-based entrepreneur and author.

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Ronn Torossian, a leading entrepreneur says most big brands and corporations have budgets that allow them to create lavish Public Relations and marketing campaigns to promote something.

But instead of other businesses looking at those campaigns in a negative manner, such as being resentful of the big budgets that the corporations might have, it’s better to look at these campaigns as inspiration.

After all, many companies can take a lot of inspiration from some of the biggest PR campaigns from brands, and even if they can’t replicate the same strategies, they can implement similar ones in their own promotional efforts.

Burger King

Several years ago, the fast-food chain Burger King decided to create a campaign that would highlight National Bullying Prevention Month. The brand decided to stage two different instances of bullying in public and to take note of how people would respond.

For the campaign, the fast-food chain did a lot of research on the target audience that would see the Bullying Prevention Month campaign, so it could deliver the message on a platform that’s most attractive and used by that audience.


The French insurance company AXA was trying to spread awareness to Chinese parents that everyone in a vehicle needs to wear seatbelts for safety reasons. To do that, the company created an educational program accompanied by a video that involved a number of schools around the country.

In the span of six months, over 100,000 children and their parents learned about seatbelt safety through the educational program.

Once the campaign was over, a study was published that showed how nearly 80% of people positively linked the insurance company with the citizenship campaign, and the number of consumers that started considering insurance from the company increased to nearly 35%.


Torossian says whenever a big brand makes any changes to its operations or features, many users end up feeling frustrated, especially if they don’t understand why the brand made the shift in the first place.

This happened to Airbnb when the company launched its new logo. However, to counter all of the criticism from its consumers, Airbnb decided to create a video where the brand explained the story behind the new logo. The company also created a “custom experience” so that all of the Airbnb consumers could personalize the company’s logo according to their liking.

In fact, the CEO and founder of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, decided to take the effort further and sent out a webinar to all of the platform’s active users that explained the reasons why the company decided to change its logo.

This was a very effective strategy for Airbnb, which, after making consumers frustrated, tried to build a stronger relationship with them by better informing them on some of the big decisions the company has made.

This effort from the company was so successful that even media outlets decided to pick up the story and share it with a larger audience.

 Ronn Torossian is an NYC-based entrepreneur and author.

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