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SaaS customer education: Here’s why it’s a great marketing strategy

Investing in your customer’s education can help you attract more customers and create a positive image for your brand.

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I know what you’re thinking. Customer education isn’t a marketing strategy. It is part of the post-sale experience.

However, the truth is, if you invest in customer education diligently, you will not just be turning new customers into loyal customers, but will also be able to generate more interest in your product.

The purpose of customer education is to delight them and enable them to enjoy all the benefits your product has to offer. A customer that knows how to make the most of your product is more likely to experience it the way you want your product to be experienced. 

The best part is, providing customer education is not a complex task anymore. With eLearning tools like learning management systems and authoring tools becoming increasingly user friendly and affordable, anyone can create immersive training experiences. 

The best eLearning authoring tools even allow course creators to include video tutorials and other visual elements to help them create an engaging and delightful training experience.

In other words, providing customer training is easier and cheaper than ever before. 

However, the title of this article promised to show the marketing-related benefits of customer education. So, let’s see what these are:

Create An Engaged Customer Base

When a customer engages in a training program after their purchase, your brand gets an additional chance to engage them. During this time, the customer has already invested their money in your product, and with training, they are also investing their time in learning to make the best use of your product.

As they engage more with your brand, they grow to trust your brand and aren’t just familiarised with your product, but also with your support processes. 

This increased trust and engagement increases the chances of the customer engaging with your brand on other platforms as well. When this happens, your brand gets more visibility in the personal network of your customer.

Moreover, when a customer has spent time engaging with your brand, has invested their time and money in acquiring your product and learning how to use it, then they are less likely to shop around for alternatives when it is time to renew or repurchase. 

In other words, great customer education experience can help you turn new customers into repeat customers.

Generate Positive Customer Experiences And A Positive Word Of Mouth

As your customers are able to use your product to its full potential, their experience with your product is more positive. Moreover, knowing the company they have purchased from is putting in time and efforts to enable them to use the product further contributes to the positive experience of a customer.

When this happens, your customers aren’t just more likely to stay loyal to your brand, but are also likely to recommend your product to their friends/colleagues. In other words, satisfied and loyal customers are more likely to propagate a positive word of mouth for your brand.

As anyone in marketing would tell you, word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing.


As you can see, investing in your customer’s education can help you attract more customers and create a positive image for your brand. This positive image can further help you attract more leads and reduce your CPA in the future.

The best part is, there are many other, not marketing related, benefits of customer education that will contribute to your bottom line. From fewer support tickets to the ability to offer high quality and quick support to customers who need it, the benefits of customer education are too significant to ignore.

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