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Safetrading – the best cryptocurrency listing platform

Safetrading was made to help users. This is the only and unchanging goal.

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Cryptocurrency has become very popular the last couple of years, with thousands of crypto providers, bots, wallets, exchanges popping up into the wild. “It is so difficult to choose the right one,” and we know how right you are.

There is the right solution – Safetrading, a cryptocurrency listing platform that will help you to choose the best crypto provider, bot, wallet, etc. 

Why Are They So Unusual?

You can say: “There are many crypto reviews, but they are still paid and you simply can’t trust them!” And you are right. But Safetrading is not about listing – it is about checking and reviewing every resource and service they offer to users. We call this activity “auditing”.

If you visit their website, you can find some crypto traders, for example, that are marked as “approved.” It means that the team of Safetrading has checked all the services (including crypto signals), and they are sure this trader is legit. They check all the approved providers every three months. This gives them and their users confidence that this or that provider still posts profitable crypto signals.

What Is Included In Their Review? 

We need to say that this is a very complicated process. They pay attention to everything: services, crypto signals, communication, website, team, history, etc. After adding all the essential information about a provider to his profile, they ask access to the private channel. According to the experience, if a provider doesn’t want to give it, it means he has something to hide, and he is a potential scammer. But if a trader provides access, they will begin to review his crypto signals. Then they will check all the channel services and will write an independent audit.

Are There a Lot of Scam Channels Now?

Safetrading has a long experience of showing scammers’ true colors. Safetrading lists 270 channels, 80% of which are scammers. And every day they add more and more channels with badge “scammers” to protect their users from losing the money. 

Tips from Safetrading Team

It is important to mention that users can check the trader on their own. And below we are going to show you how.


If the trader you want to work with is rude, answers one time per day, or has a very bad English, it will mean that he is a potential scammer. Of course, the last moment is doubtful, because there are many providers from non-English-speaking countries, but the first two ones are definitely worth attention.

Cross Promotion

If you see much cross-promo with other channels or unknown coins, this provider is a scammer. Why The answer is straightforward – because he doesn’t earn much money with crypto trading, so he is not a professional one.

Crypto Signals 

Almost every trusted provider posts some free crypto signals on his public Telegram channel. So everything you need is to find one crypto signal and to check if it was profitable ( remember, that you need to consider the signal terms).


This moment is crucial for you. Remember: if the trader has very high or meager prices, it means you need to avoid working with him. Trusted providers have average prices, which definitely worth their services. 

Final Words 

Safetrading was made to help users. This is the only and unchanging goal. It saves you time and money choosing the best crypto traders, bots and wallets to work with. If you are a real crypto trader, this platform is a must-have for you! Safetrading – don’t trade with scammers, earn with traders. 

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