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Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 appears in Pink colorway in leaked renders

This is our first glimpse at the Galaxy Fit 3.

Samsung galaxy fit 3 from the front
Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 leaked render

Samsung launched its last fitness tracker, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, back in 2020. Since then, the company dropped out of the fitness tracker industry and successfully shifted its focus to developing a quality smartwatch. 

While the absence of Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy Fit left a burning hole in the market, Fitbit and Xiaomi were more than happy enough to fill it.

According to the latest report, Samsung is back in the fitness tracker game with the Galaxy Fit 3. 

Galaxy Fit 3 is likely to launch soon with an AMOLED display

A person is listening to music on their smartphone using headphones.
Source: Windows Report

Over a month ago, we reported that an unnamed Galaxy wearable passed the FCC certification. While there was no official confirmation, we speculated that it couldn’t have been anything but the Galaxy Fit 3.  

It looks like our speculation was on point. Popular tech outlet Windows Report has leaked images of what appears to be our first glimpse at the so-called Samsung Galaxy Fit 3, a follow-up to 2020’s Galaxy Fit 2.

Based on the leaked images, the Galaxy Fit 3 has a larger display, making it look like a slimmed-down version of an Apple Watch. 

Unfortunately, the Windows Report didn’t reveal any details other than the images. But from the front view, we speculate the tracker has an AMOLED display, which makes sense as its predecessor, the Galaxy Fit 2, had the same. 

From the back view, it looks like the tracker has a heart rate monitor, which is expected, and there are also pins, we speculate, for charging. 

A black watch with a silver clock face and a black leather strap as a fashionable accessory.
Source: Windows Report

While Windows Report suggests that Wear OS might power the new Samsung fitness tracker instead of the older, simpler operating system, we cannot confirm this at the moment. 

However, employing the Wear OS would make the Galaxy Fit 3 interface uncomfortably similar to the Galaxy smartwatches, and it also likely will not be great for the battery life. So, take this information with a pinch of salt. 

As fast as the release date goes, it’s still unknown. However, given the leaked images, we suspect a launch is close – maybe the end of 2023, but early 2024, probably alongside the Galaxy S24 series, seems more likely.

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