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If you need to stock up on microSD cards, Amazon is blowing them out on the cheap

One as low as $12!

samsung microsd card
Image: Amazon

MicroSD cards are something you’ll always find yourself buying again. Whether you lose them or give them to a friend (who never returns them), it’s always good to stock up. And today, you have a really good reason to load up. Amazon is currently offering some of Samsung’s ultra-fast microSD cards at some insane prices. Some as low as $12, which is really good.

These little suckers can work with almost anything that has a microSD slot. Particularly, our favorite use for this is for the Nintendo Switch. But again, these will work just fine with either an action cam, smartphone, tablet, Switch, or anything else.

Here’s everything Samsung is offering up in their Amazon sale (our favorite is the 128GB option for $35)

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