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SD-WAN for working from home

For people working from home, as many will continue to do so, SD-WAN technology is something that is best-placed to help with any remote working challenges.

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In recent months the whole world has seen a massive shift in how we do things, and how we go about our everyday lives and our work lives.

Businesses have been forced to embrace flexible working from home when they might not have done so in the past, and for many, there was a big rush to start adapting to new ways of doing things in order to keep the business up and running during locked down periods.

For many businesses, they have been proactive and responded well to the demands placed on them with this new way of doing things. Although there have been many challenges faced with this unprecedented kind of remote working.

Many employees have been able to transition well to working from home, but there have been some applications and technology issues that have not helped to make the process a smooth one.

Many cloud-based applications that businesses rely on each day don’t always function as well when using an internet connection in someone’s home that is also having a teenager streaming a movie on, or a child having a remote school lesson at the same time.

These kinds of things can, and have, caused performance issues for people working from home, which can be made more tricky when the cloud-based applications have to run through some quite complex routes in order to be used on a work laptop.

For people working from home, as many will continue to do so, SD-WAN technology is something that is best-placed to help with any remote working challenges. It helps companies drive a better network service, which ultimately helps improve productivity.

That is why looking into SD-WAN solutions for businesses with remote workers really is a must.

Remote Working Challenges

SD-WAN solutions help organizations transform their digital strategy. SD-WAN improves cloud-based application performance. The features of SD-WAN solutions are that they can provide functionality that helps to optimize the network, and helps to resolve any challenges with remote working.

If you are using SD-WAN when working from home, then here are the ways that using it can improve what you do, and help employee performance from home.

Improve Performance of Cloud-Based Applications

More and more businesses are making the move to using cloud-based applications, which makes complete sense. Using SD-WAN can help prioritise access to cloud-based applications from a variety of locations like home and the office. Using an MPLS network to access cloud-based applications remotely can sometimes reduce the performance given the backhaul issue that users have to contend with.

SD-WAN allows users to access the internet directly and securely from their location without having to traverse an MPLS network.  This helps to deliver a better user experience allowing employees to use cloud-based applications much more quickly, and much more easily.

As a result, you get an enhanced performance for all of your users.

Prioritize traffic

SD-WAN can help your employees that are working from home, as it can help you to prioritize traffic on the applications that you are using, through an application layer or through the policy management.

For instance, prioritizing traffic through something like application-aware routing, and helping traffic steering, you are able to prioritize and separate different applications that will be being used, such as MS Teams. You could even look to route traffic in a way to avoid any areas that are having performance issues.


SD-WAN helps to deliver secure and encrypted routes for those that are working from home. SD-WAN uses firewall technology and can turn on any security functionality without having to deploy more equipment. This helps to consolidate networking and security solutions creating a more secure network without the need for more hardware.

The outcome of this all is that those working from home can get the same level of security that they would normally have when working from the office.

Increase visibility

SD-WAN helps deliver live and real-time visibility to websites, devices, connections, and performance issues. This means you can identify and solve any problems quickly and easily. SD-WAN helps users when working from home, as it gives network administrators the information they need to keep the network operating optimally.

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