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Second Passport creates a franchise offer, states company president Yury Mosha

The immigration company plans on expanding its business

second passport

The company Second Passport, founded by Russian immigrant Yury Mosha, is an immigration consulting firm which previously specialized only in the Russian and Eastern European market. They have been at the top of their field for the past 10 years of operation and are now interested in expanding their business to other countries.

Second Passport has various services which they offer to their clients such as social adaptation, acquiring visas, helping clients find work, obtaining a residence permit by investment and other immigration services. They are licensed to provide these services, and are members of the Investment Migration Council, which is a global association of immigration agencies. 

They currently operate in over 80 countries and have offices in over 50. For 2021, their goal is to open another 50 offices, making them have over 100 offices across the world. They offer immigration to a variety of places globally, so that their clients have a choice in where they would like to move to. Once in the country, with their social adaptation package, they make the process easier for their customers by offering services such as finding schools, helping them get medical insurance, assistance with DMV appointments, and other details that one may need help with. 

With the success of the Second Passport business model, they have opened their business for franchise opportunities. For each franchise, they offer training courses to teach the business model, and will help with any questions along the way. CEO Yury Mosha is very invested in making sure that he works closely with the franchises, to ensure that they succeed and that they have all the right tools to earn as much profit as possible. The company guarantees a 10%-40% guaranteed profit from the cost of services. This percentage is dependent on which country their clients are immigrating to, as well as which services they used and offered to the client.

There are 4 stages in the process of creating a franchise. First, there is a preparation period. Here, there is training being conducted as the franchisee learns the ins and outs of the business model. Next, the work begins. In this stage, the first transactions are occurring while the client base is beginning to grow. In the third stage, the franchise will become self-sufficient. At this point, they will have a flowing customer base, and the ROI will begin occurring. Finally, at the fourth stage, they will reach stable growth. The goal here is to be able to expand the business to other areas in the franchise’s region, where one can ensure a growing lead generation. 

A business such as Second Passport is sustainable, as there is a constant increase in immigration annually. In the past five years alone, the number of migrants has increased from 600 million to 750 million migrants on a yearly basis. The company is consistently growing, and they now want to expand their business from the Russian market, to other English-speaking countries aside from the United States. They are offering franchise opportunities to those in India, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, Singapore, and other areas. 

The main office for Second Passport is located in New York City on Wall Street, where the central team works. The teams are constantly in contact with each department and franchise, as all of the employees are interested in the success of the branch. There are constant Zoom calls done to ensure that all employees are on the same page, as to also uphold communication between the central office and any franchise. The goal for everyone is to have the franchisee become a part of the Second Passport family, and for them to have a blooming business. 

Once a franchise is opened, the company also will assist with advertising. In a digital world, it is essential that a company has an online presence. The benefit of working with Second Passport is that they already have such a presence, with a large social media following and publications in popular media platforms such as Forbes. So, with this opportunity, Second Passport is proud to claim that they are a highly demanded business. They are widely recognized as a brand, with a trademarked logo. Anyone that is interested is encouraged to get in contact with their team. 

For more information about this opportunity such as the costs, visit their website. 

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