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Sega is diving into next-gen cloud gaming with help from Microsoft

The partnership will help Sega built large-scale games on Microsoft’s cloud platform.

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Image: KnowTechie

The classic gaming company that gave us exciting franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog and the more recent Total War series, Sega, has decided to move into the cloud gaming business. The company has recently penned a new deal with Microsoft so it can build games on Microsoft’s popular cloud platform.

In a statement on Sega’s website, the company describes its new partnership with Microsoft and how the companies plan on working together. Sega has a goal to produce “large-scale, global games” in the future, and Microsoft’s cloud platform is the place where it wants to be.

Cloud gaming is really beginning to come into its own. Microsoft’s own cloud gaming service is part of Xbox Game Pass and gives gamers access to more than 300 games. Microsoft recently began testing the service on consoles, and it’s available on mobile and web browsers as well.

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As for Sega, this represents the company’s continued push into the cloud gaming world. Most recently, Nintendo Switch added a handful of Sega games to Nintendo Switch Online. The company used to be known for its consoles, like the Dreamcast and the Genesis, but that ultimately came to a close after the Dreamcast in 1999.

sega genesis games on nintendo switch online
Image: Nintendo

Since then, the company’s focus has been on games, and now it seems to have shifted towards cloud gaming. The company says this partnership would be “a key part of Sega’s mid to long-term strategy, allowing the business to move forward with ‘Super Game.'” Super Game refers to the company’s initiative to develop games with a “Global” focus.

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It’s exciting to see Sega, which has largely flown under the radar in recent years, teaming up with Microsoft to further develop the cloud gaming market. With 5G internet finally becoming more accessible, there’s a good chance that cloud gaming could take off in popularity soon, and it’s nice to see Sega getting on board early.

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