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Self-driving technology, an exciting future!

Self-driving cars are finally here. Sure, there’s a lot of people excited for this sort of technology. But with anything, there’s always critics.

tesla full self-driving

Back in the day, people could only but dream of self driving cars. It was a phenomenon only seen in cartoons or sci-fi movies, but in today’s fast evolving tech world, the possibilities are endless. Self-driving technology is being made a reality by companies like Google and Uber and has the potential to change the world and the way our cities work.

The beginning stages of this technology is being seen in tech inventions such as self-parking systems and automatic steering. Self-parking systems use sensors, cameras and in car technology to automatically park one’s car in parallel or perpendicular. This amazing technology is being used by many manufacturers such as Audi, Ford and many others.  Automatic steering works in two ways. The first and most common is the lane assist systems. This helps steer one’s car back into the correct lane, stopping drifting from lack of concentration or exhaustion. The second and less common is semi-autonomous steering systems which can steer one’s car for a few seconds.  

In San Francisco, self-driving technology could become a reality in the very near future. Uber is readying a fleet of self-driving cars, that are currently on the roads accompanied by human drivers, gathering mapping information, enabling the vehicles to easily identify routes and obstacles. This could potentially mean the end of human Uber drivers. this issue itself comes with many pros and cons, as many people love the human touch of having a driver, however for others and especially in countries whereby it is not necessarily safe to travel alone, having no drivers could create a greater feeling of safety, creating more potential business.

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However, there are many sceptics who feel that this technology could endanger the lives of the human drivers on the road. After the fatal Tesla accident, it left many people wondering if self-driving cars will become a reality anytime soon. Critics are afraid of the safety of the cars crash avoidance autopilot system and claim that any technical failure can cause fatalities and there would be no human to override the system. For many people however, this technology could be life changing and lifesaving, enabling people to go out and drink and return safely home, driving whilst being tired, or even giving one the time to do other tasks whilst in the car, efficiently using time stuck in traffic.

uber car

In the trucking industry, Uber is using self-driving technology for trucks that need to drive long distance journeys. The technology will provide trucks with safety and will be able to match trucks with the right load wherever they are.

With every new technology that has the potential to so vastly change the norm, there will always be sceptics and critics alike. This technology comes with both many positive and negative aspects. However what is for sure is that it has an exciting future ahead of it.

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