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Seven tips to use when looking for managed service providers

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If you are in the search for MSPs and have never worked with one before, it can be challenging selecting the right partner.

You may have encountered a bad experience with an MSP several times and cannot seem to find the right partner. Through our work with MSPs, we have discovered their pros and cons. Listed below are our thoughts for you on how to find reliable Managed Services for your organization.

  1. Ask your potential MSP questions

Asking questions is vital to know whether the MSP can deliver as per your requirements and needs. Always ask if the MSP has worked in your niche before or if they have worked in your niche.

This is essential because it means the MSP speak your language and understand what you need. If your business is more specialized like graphic design, dental or medical, you need a dedicated MSP.

Avoid asking technical questions; instead, ask for availability of the MSP. For instance, if your business grows, can they help or support you.

  1. Ask yourself (the business) questions

Before hunting for an MSP, your business needs to have an idea of what it is looking for. If you are looking for a break/fix service, you do not need a monthly contract.

You need an MSP that will only provide their services when something is broken. Also, find out if your potential MSP’s process matches the process in your organization. The MSP needs to accommodate and help your business.

  1. Look at the management contract

Most people think that with the break/fix contract, they will save more money. This is a myth because you end up spending more.

Get a monthly management contract that provides you services for the whole month.

  1. What is the size of the MSP?

You are bound to find big MSP corporations and small MSP corporations. There is no better choice between the two provided they have everything you need.

Some businesses avoid small MSPs because their resources are limited while some go for them because they are readily available and can cater to time-sensitive needs.

  1. Price

Pricing differs with different MSPs and the context of your business problem or issue. Some issues may cost you more while some will cost you less.

Always compare the different pricing rates of MSPs before settling on one. Look at the services they provide their processes and determine which is worth it in the end.

Look at what you are paying for is it for maintenance, time, quality, or interaction.

  1. Ask other people

Most people you will ask for recommendations on quality MSP services are not tech savvy. However, you can always get a good look at what your industry peers are using and whether they like their MSPs or not.

  1. Look out for red flags

There are several red flags you should keep in mind, and they include:

  • If an MSP cannot provide references or is hesitant
  • If an MSP cannot explain clearly what they do and the resort to jargon that you do not understand
  • If the MSP has relatively low costs that are meant to lure clients

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