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Sex toy tech trends in 2020

It’s never been easier to jump into the game and find out what the ever-growing sex toy industry has to offer you

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Image: YouTube (Autoblow)

2019 was a landmark year in the wonderful, strange world of sex toys. We’ve seen massive developments and jumps in popularity with toys that combine innovative design elements with high tech concepts. For example, tech-savvy sex toy companies like Kiiroo & Lovense saw huge success this year with their automatic strokers that essentially do all the work for you!

2020 is sure to be the most innovative year in history for sex toys that implement the technological advancements of the times, which is precisely why it’s the perfect time to get the latest scoop on some of the new sex toy trends we saw popularized in the last year.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the popular sex toy trends that are coming full-circle in the new year so that you’re fully prepared to equip your sex toy arsenal with all the latest & greatest that the industry has to offer.

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Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

Perhaps the most exciting development we’ve seen in recent years was the growing popularity of automatic strokers, hands-free masturbators, and, of course, blowjob machines!

Technology has managed to effectively eliminate the need for manual masturbation. Why spend 20 minutes furiously masturbating and straining your delicate wrist muscles when toys like the Kiiroo Onyx 2 can pull you off at speeds of up to 140 strokes per minute?!

You heard right… 140 strokes per minute, my calculations say that rounds out to roughly 2.5 strokes per second. That’s simply the sort of efficiency your right hand couldn’t ever hope to accomplish!

Did I mention that some of these toys can even sync up with automatic female sex toys in addition to being able to sync up with pornographic videos for a whole new level of immersion?! No? Well, more on that later.

Another huge development we saw this year was the steady progression in breaking down the stigma behind male anal toys & prostate massagers! There’s been a lot of unfounded guilt & shame surrounding their usage for way too long, but thankfully, society is becoming more, and more accepting towards embracing all facets of anal play.

We’re slowly getting used to the idea that vibrators aren’t only for women & gay men – they’re for everyone!

The idea that anal toys are only meant for homosexual men is a tired stereotype. They most certainly have a place in that world, but straight men intrigued by exploring the other end of the male sex toy game no longer have to carry around the taboo that always seems to have accompanied it.

The prostate is becoming more widely recognized as the male G-Spot (or P-Spot) and it really is just that! If you’ve ever had any sort of curiosity regarding anal masturbation, prostate massagers are a wonderful place to start! Toys like the Lelo Hugo prostate massager that promises to milk out 33% more powerful orgasms are just further proof of the mind-blowing impact these toys can have on our sex lives.

So, if anal play is something you’re interested in, it’s never been easier to give it a try! And if not, there are plenty more ways to take advantage of the brave new world of sex toys – there’s a high tech sex machine for everyone these days.

Sex Toys Are Now Able To Sync With Adult Content!

Another new sex toy feature that is more than deserving of some praise is the creation of sex toys that can sync up to spicy adult videos! Imagine being pulled off by an automatic stroker while each motion is perfectly synced up to what’s happening on your screen – the combination of the two most crucial masturbation assets (Adult Videos & Sex Toys) is something that feels so intrinsically valuable, it almost brings a tear to my eye.

This relates to the more broad category of the sex toy industry known simply as: Interactive Sex Toys. Interactive sex toys are being championed by innovative sex toy brands like Lelo & Kiiroo, and we can attribute much of their growing popularity to their dedication to continually producing these high tech sex robots.

Interactive sex toys not only sync up perfectly to specially-made pornagraphic content, but also come fitted up with bluetooth capabilities, and apps which can be used to control these toys remotely. What this means, is that interactive toys can be easily controlled at the push of a button by you, or a long-distance partner. Aside from the convenience that comes with such a feature, it’s also helping bring those in long-distance relationships closer together by offering a method of getting sexual gratification – no matter the distance!

The sort of mutual masturbation I’m talking about doesn’t exclusively apply to those in long-distance relationships, either. If risky or voyeuristic gratification is something that gets your blood boiling, you can attach a Lovense sex toy to your lady friend while she travels, then use the app to stimulate her remotely – no matter where she is!

VR Sex Toys Are Gaining Popularity

While we’re on the subject of technologically advanced sex toys, it’s also worth mentioning another technology that’s becoming a staple of the sex industry – VR!

Pornhub, in particular, was very quick to jump on the train of VR sex toys & VR porn. It makes perfect sense, the fact that they create both just makes it the perfect destination for all your sexy VR needs! There are now thousands of adult videos made specifically with VR in mind, and can easily be synced up with VR compatible toys.

So… what do you get when you combine a VR headset, a VR sex toy, and VR porn, you ask? You get the future of masturbation, that’s what.


There you have it, you now have all the info you’ll ever need to keep up with the sex toy trends being fostered in by the golden age of sex toys that we’re lucky enough to be living in. The best part is, it’s only the beginning of the exciting developments left to come – with sexologists working tirelessly to bring us the very best that modern technology has to offer, the fun has only just begun!

So, what are you waiting for?! It’s never been easier to jump into the game and find out what the ever-growing sex toy industry has to offer you!

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