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Sex toy technology trends for 2021

2021 is the year we’ll see more innovation and technology integration in the sex toy world.

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In a world full of intelligent products like lightbulbs and refrigerators, it’s only a matter of time before vendors tap into the expansive sex toy world. And with the recent inclusion of SexTech in the health and wellness category at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), 2021 will be an exciting year. What’s more, COVID has shaken the entire world, including the sex toy domain, further fueling these trends. 

So, without further introductions, let’s take a closer look into four sex toy technology trends for 2021;

Long-distance Sex Toys 

As soon as WHO declared coronavirus as a pandemic, partners separated because of the lockdown measures had to wait for months before seeing each other. And while living away from each other isn’t a new thing, the uncertainty surrounding the virus made things even worse. Those who had never tried sex toys before made a move as the experienced players added to their stock. Last year was characterized by a surge in the sale of long-distance sex toys, and the numbers can only be more in 2021. 

Long-distance sex toys employ teledildonics technology to simulate real-life sexual intercourse. Regardless of the distance, partners can enjoy each other’s touch as if they’re in the same bed. Now here comes the good part. With a dedicated mobile app, you can chat, schedule play, and control each other’s toys. What’s more, you can use other apps like zoom and skype to video call during sex for an even more realistic experience.

Zoom Sex

More than anything else, you can expect zoom sex to be more common in 2021. Several countries, including the United Kingdom, have gone back to lockdown, and more people will be looking to make use of technology to keep things freaky. Whether it’s your spouse or your new catch, having sex over Zoom chat is not stopping anytime soon. People with long-distance sex toys can make use of zoom sex as it adds a new dimension to realism.

Zoom sex parties will also be a common thing. People who’ve always wanted to go to sex parties can now have a feel of what to expect. And for those who go to such parties and can’t go now because of the social distancing measures, virtual sex parties are here for you. 

Virtual Reality and Smart Sex Toys

2021 looks like a year that’ll be full of virtual reality and artificial intelligence projects. Sex toy developers will be looking for something that ‘does it all.’ Whether it’s clit stimulators or G-spot massagers, the goal will be to develop a sex toy that makes the experience super realistic. These all-in-one sex toys will be in line with recent studies that suggest 80% of women don’t orgasm from penetrative sex alone.  

These next-generation sex toys will, therefore help women and men learn more about how to have satisfying orgasms. By gathering data from sensors, the toys can enhance and personalize the experience. For instance, with AI, a sex toy can decide what to do at a specific moment to maximize the sensation. This way, you’ll enjoy a unique stimulation every time you use the toy based on your mood at the time. 

Lifelike Sex Robots

The sexbot industry is a billion-dollar entity, and 2021 looks like the year we get more than just realistic sex dolls. An analysis report projects a 200% growth in the next 5 years. Sexbot companies are implementing robust innovation programs to power a future where bots rule human sexual experience. With artificial intelligence, sex robots will be smarter with their responses, and the experience will be more natural. 

Like smart sex toys, the inclusion of the latest artificial intelligence technology will make sexbots more intelligent and sufficient for the projected growth. Sexbot users will be looking for something extra, and this development couldn’t have come at a better time.

And that’s it! 2021 is the year we’ll see more innovation and technology integration in the sex toy world. Everything from improving teledildonics for long-distance couples to developing smart sex toys to elevate solo and partner play;  sex toy enthusiasts should be stoked. New devices will be built to mimic the best kinds of human touch, while artificial intelligence and virtual reality will open a new world that allows partners to sexually express themselves regardless of the distance and physical abilities.

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