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How to share your Wi-Fi password to nearby devices on iOS 11

Did you know you can share your password without ever having to reveal it to people in iOS 11? Here’s how.

iOS 11 has brought us a ton of cool features. One of our favourites is the ability to share your Wi-Fi password with other iOS 11 users without ever having to actually share the given password. This means you’ll never have to yell out a long string of letters and numbers in public or remember where you wrote down your password.

But before we dive in on how to do this, there are some requirements needed for this to work:

  • iOS devices have to be running iOS 11 and have Bluetooth turned on.
  • You have to be in each other’s contacts.
  • Homeowners can also use their Macs to share their Wi-Fi connection but must be running MacOS Sierra for it to work.

If you’re on par with these requirements, then you’re good to go sharing your Wi-Fi without ever revealing your password.

First things first, you’ll want to have both devices next to each other to establish a connection. For the device that’s not connected, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap to connect to the Wi-Fi network you’re trying to access.

Once this is complete, the connected device will receive an alert stating that another device is trying to join the network. Tap Share Your Wi-Fi to let the other device connect. That’s pretty much it.

To get a better idea of how this works, watch the video above which walks you through the whole process. You can also watch the video here.


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