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Should you buy Apple’s AirPods Pro? Are they worth it?

If quality is important to you, spending a little bit extra will be well worth it on the AirPods Pro, especially for all you Apple fanatics 

apple airpods pro
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If you’re the owner of any Apple device, you’ll probably find it difficult to resist getting the AirPods Pro instead of the other gadgets on market.

This is because their marketing strategy creates an ecosystem of interdependent products and services, enticing consumers to take on one after the other in rapid succession, and it works.

People who emphasize quality over anything else often adapt to this ecosystem as it provides them with everything under one roof and the security of knowing that Apple backs everything. 

So, are Airpods Pro worth buying?

It’s up to you to decide whether to pick up the Airpods Pro. In this article, we’ve tried to dive into a few of the more significant aspects of the AirPods to help you make a wise buying decision. 


apple airpods and airpods pro
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As is true for most Apple products, the Airpods Pro is bound to draw the user’s attention to its unique and unconventional design. 

Unlike the previous version, the new edition doesn’t have protruding stems that were a bit too long. 

AirPods Pro are only available in the color white and includes a few added features. One of these is that it has a snug fit this time round, making it slightly more user-friendly. 

It also ensures that these can be taken to the gym or any other activity that involves significant amounts of sweat. In addition, they have been awarded IPX 4 certification, marking them as sweat-proof.


Going back to when we mentioned Apple trying to create an ecosystem where gadgets and accessories are interconnected, this product also features differently sized silicone tips. 

However, it has been noted that these are relatively economical replacements that the users can purchase without too much trouble. 

Additionally, these effectively stop active noise in the background in street traffic and public transportation. 

Transparency mode

One of the AirPods Pro most innovative technological advancements has been the introduction of the Transparency Mode. 

This mode allows one to be aware of their surroundings without removing the earbuds just in case you’re expecting a phone call or if the doorbell rings. 

Battery life

apple airpods pro in holster
Image: Apple

Users who are familiar with AirPods know they are truly wireless earbuds. They do not have any cables, making them highly convenient for users. 

These newer AirPods can last up to four and a half hours, which is commendable for wireless headphones. The charging time makes up for everything else, as they can be charged within minutes to last for hours. 


According to, the audio quality of this product is second-to-none; important, given it’s the absolute vital characteristic of any headphone. 

The AirPods Pro are hailed to possess even better sound quality than the AirPods 2. This time around, they seem to have completely sealed off the canal, providing a fuller and more immersive sound. 

An additional feature, the Automatic Equalization, can maintain overall sound quality by adjusting sound equalization to the comfort of your ears.

Professionals will genuinely be able to enjoy and comprehend this feature. It makes rather subtle changes but can significantly impact how we perceive the music. 

Other features

Another impressive feature lets you record the background sound and replay it later. You can even make phone calls with the built-in microphone. One can easily hail Siri with this product as well! 

A disadvantage we do have to note is that users found it challenging to pair at times with compatible devices when that experience is rightly expected to be seamless.

Final verdict

apple logo with apple products blurred in the background
Image: KnowTechie

To many, it might seem like Apple uses its marketing strategies and prowess to continually roll out new models or designs to extract money from people’s pockets. But unfortunately, this isn’t entirely false.

Still, it’s undeniable that even little changes are carefully thought out and incorporated to enhance the quality of their products.

AirPods are no exception in this regard. However, if you have not purchased any AirPods yet, we have no hesitation about recommending the AirPods Pro.

The quality of this product, along with its feasibility, matches the overall premium image that they want to portray. For its looks and sound quality, it justifies its price. 

Apple products, in general, beat most other products in the same price bracket regarding quality. 

If quality is important to you, don’t shy away from spending a little bit extra. The money will be well worth it, especially for all you Apple fanatics!  

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