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Signs you need an SEO agency and what to expect when you hire one

Here’s what you need to know.

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Having a website optimized for search engines is crucial for every business. Search Engine Optimization, however, requires a lot of effort and expertise. Many businesses may not be able to improve their SEO on their own.

A good SEO agency comes in to help you grow your traffic by getting your site on Search Engine Results Pages. If you are a business owner asking ‘which SEO agency can I engage in Singapore,’ you can try MediaOne. 

What are the signs you need an SEO agency?

  1. You have a new website, and you do not know where to start.
  2. Your site does not attract as much traffic as you would want it to.
  3. You rely very much on organic traffic to grow your business.
  4. Your organic is traffic declining, and your SEO techniques do not seem to be working. 

What to expect from an SEO agency

  • Learn about your business goals and who your target audience is

A good agency should ask you to provide useful details about your business. These include your short and long term goals, your competitors, and your target audience. With all the relevant information, an agency will be able to see where you are in the SEO space and advise on what you need to do to achieve your SEO goals. 

  • Perform an initial website audit and regular audits on your site

The agency should perform an initial website audit on aspects such as website loading speed and ease of navigation. The initial check will help them unearth issues that they need to work on to fully optimize your site for SEO. An SEO agency should also carry out regular site audits to see if there is improvement or decline in website performance. They should also perform a competitor analysis. 

  • Have a clear and definite SEO strategy in place

Once they have analyzed your site and understand every aspect of your business, the agency should draft a clear plan of what they need to do to achieve SEO goals. How will they optimize on and off-page SEO? By how much do they expect to grow traffic? All these and more need to be very clear.

  • Report monthly SEO progress

You should know how your business is doing and be able to see some SEO progress after a specified period. Expect the SEO agency to provide you with details about your SEO performance. 

  • Create a content strategy

Although the SEO agency may not write content for you, they can help you come up with a content strategy. They will perform keyword research and identify content gaps that you need to fill. 

To find the best SEO agency that will deliver results, you can check out reviews from clients. Be realistic with your SEO expectations. Your agency of choice should be able to give you the short, medium, and long-term SEO goals and regularly report performance to you. A good agency should also keep up with the latest SEO strategies and inform you of emerging trends. 

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